Microsoft's Xbox One Problems Are Clear, And So Is The Fix

GameRevolution: In a way, I'm not surprised by the rumor that Don Mattrick hopes to unpack his desk toys at Electronic Arts for Zynga. If my bosses told me to walk out on stage and stand by the always-online cloud-based future they envisioned, I'd have to comply, but if one month went by and it fell on me to undo the public opinion shit-storm, I'd probably be trolling LinkedIn for opportunities as well (even if these two options don't necessarily look like a step up).

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allformats1937d ago

I don't know what they can do man. The wind is already against them.

Lower the price of the box is one. Drop Kinect is two, and cry like babies for the love of gamers is three.

KillrateOmega1937d ago

*I'm not trying to say that Windows 7 is bad, it was just the only pic I could find that clearly involved MS and crying

georgeenoob1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Wow all this because the console makes you plug your kinect? What's the big f*cking deal, you don't even have to use it.

Man, Sony fanboys really do yell the loudest.

Please, enlighten me what exactly is MS doing wrong? They have an amazing game line-up and they reversed drm. These "problems" listed in the article all concern MS' old drm approach and doesn't directly address any current problems with the Xbox one itself.

adorie1937d ago

Should have put an MS tattoo on Dawsons forehead.

Godmars2901937d ago

Isn't Kinect 2.0 setup so that it must not only be plugged in, but must be watching you? That if it's camera, which can see in the dark and hear your heart, doesn't or can't see who's using the console, it wont let anyone play it?

Its actually not that big of a deal since the console doesn't need to be online, isn't sending any amount of data to remote cloud servers, but a feature which better serves the product's parent company than the person who bought it.

Nevermind that the console works and performs better with an online connection.

jimmywolf1937d ago


while ill agree some of the hate is unjust, they brought it on themselves with their business plan, outline too very clearly focus on making them a lot money

while destroying lot traditions gamers grew up with. loaning/selling games, not needing internet too play.

i will also agree they notice much of the criticism an change few those things, but only because the hate they receive.

if we followed you simple minded thinking it be a very closed world maxing their profit an giving us little for it

n4rc1937d ago

Good lord how do people still not get this...

Kinect is required because that's where tons of features come from.. The voice and gesture controls etc.. You would essentially cripple the system.. Its not a add on.. Stop thinking of it as such, that's why its included..

And you can turn it off... If you think they will ignore your wishes, then throw away your cell phone and laptop.. And stay away from windows and outdoors.. Lol

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TrendyGamers1937d ago

If the winds against them, shouldn't they get a sail boat and reverse course?

Retroman1937d ago

its toooooooooo late for xboner. even if they lower it to 150.00 i still would not pick it up. to much damage at the presention still linger in gamers mind. to try to simply erase that event becus MS shoved their foot deep in they're backside and now want forgiveness is not going to happen no matter how they spin it.

crazyeightz1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

You're a fool if you don't buy it for 150. I dont give a damn if MS is doing dumb things to throw away customers, If they start selling the XBox Done for 150 not only will i buy it right away, I'll buy two just because it's so cheap.

Retroman1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

@ crazy eightz

by your name alone and you call me a fool what do that tell me about you??. im not on here to bash anyones choice of console or call anyone out their user name. but i personally never did like MS entering the gaming arena,back then it was sleepy town we all played games of choice until maddogsoft step in. so i chosen sony after SNES, playstion been my brand since. but to call someone a fool becus he/she like red and you dont that make you a fool young sure your high school teacher taught you freedom of thought,freedom of choice,freedom of free will,freedom of speach so forth. that being said: I stand firm, if MS sold it 150.00 to make up all the crap they announced in march presentation mis-hap i still would not buy it nor support it. 500.00 for a console that'll only produce 5 games and re-makes over an over an over an over for 7 more years is not worth the INVESTMENT. MS could hand it to me for free I'll still throw it in the trash where it belong right along with first xbox,360 and boner 1

sad to say: Billion dollars worth of advertisement will not clean this up this time. RROD should have done them in.

crazy eightz you are one of the last survior let it go, give up while you still can!! MS dont need you or love you it's only a illusion. they only care about your wallet and producing faulty product to suckers as your self.

dbjj120881937d ago

C'mon Microsoft, you used to be cool.

knifefight1937d ago

Windows XP, man. So good.

acharlez1937d ago

Sell 343 Industries to Sony. Then bow out of the gaming business.

dbjj120881937d ago

Kinda already did this letting Bungie and Destiny become Activision's PS-leaning franchise :P

THEDON82z11937d ago

Could not have said it better!!!

theWB271937d ago

All these armchair CEO's are something to behold. Just do this, just do that. If it were that easy Sony wouldn't have been operating at MASSIVE losses over these past 5 or so years. Selling buildings and assets. Trying to split divisions so it appears things are better than they are.

The Xbox isn't doomed. Period.

dbjj120881937d ago

The article doesn't say Xbox is doomed, but I agree with you on the "if it was only that easy" part. Still, the whole mess should have been predictable with all the financial analysts M$ employs.

theWB271937d ago

The doomed part was kinda directed at the N4G armchair CEO's.

Nothing is easy to predict. If it were, again, Sony wouldn't be going through what they are on the whole of the company. No matter who you employ.

Hicken1936d ago

Most of these things ARE easy to predict, though.

It just so happens that a company's desire for profits makes them take the risk.

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