10 Things Video Games Can Learn From Dark Souls

GameDynamo - "Dark Souls received much praise from the gaming community and has been a refreshing take on the video game genre. While it does not necessarily do anything new, it does offer gamers a different approach to how a game should be played. The new-era of gaming can learn a thing or two from what Dark Souls brings to the table."

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KillrateOmega1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

How to be difficult as mother*cker and make the player die a lot.

*Don't mistake this for me not liking the game.

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cpayne931962d ago

Really the best part about the souls games isnt the difficulty, its just that they put the controller back in your hands. A lot of games nowaday have their combat too cinematic based, i wrote a blog abou it.

greatcrusader441962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

For me, the difficulty of the Souls games stemmed from me not knowing how the mechanics worked. I played Dark Souls first and like most people I'm sure picked a knight and always used heavy armor.

Didn't know how lvling effected my weapons so I figured more strength=more damage and kind of ignored most of the other stats except vitality. So as you would expect, I literally died 100's of times. Wasn't until Anor Londo at the bonfire that was before Orstein and Smough that I discovered what param bonuses were. And even when I found out how weapon scaling works I was so far ahead my character was permanently gimped.

Even with the gimped character I enjoyed the living hell out of my first playthrough, it was as difficult as people said. Every other play through, while still a bit difficult, was 10x easier than my first, and played Demon Souls the first time a few months ago and sailed through it without too much difficulty.

Kind of wish I could wipe my brain and replay them for the first time so I can experience that difficulty again.

Wni01961d ago

Look come back to this "list" when dark souls actually has a story that matters or how about giving players the fucking bare minimum about your stupid game world. Killing players over and over for the sake of trial and error is not intelligent game design, it's lazy.