Green Man Gaming launches 666 sale, first round includes Borderlands, Resident Evil and more

Green Man Gaming, the online retailer based in the U.K., launched its 666 sale this morning, which will offer six discounts of up to 75 percent every six hours for the next six days, according to the sale's listing online.

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achmetha1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I bought Krater from this promotion. I was interested in the game when it first came out, but it got a lot of hate so I decided to wait on it. GMG is selling it for $3.74, and if you're a real cheap skate (like me :P) you can use another coupon code for an additional 20% off (a huge savings of: $0.74).

Edit: And damn, Steam Summer Sale hasn't even started, but I've already spent a ton of money on GMG, PSN, XBL, oh and a Steam Daily Sale. I have a feeling I may be broke after the next few weeks...

wagnus1933d ago

Krater is a great buy, one of the few games that kept up with the "free update" mantra.

I think it was matched during the winter sale on steam for $3.74, although. Still a steal.

achmetha1932d ago

luckily gmg gave me a code to redeem on steam, win-win :P