The Last of Us: I Became a Monster **Spoilers**

Taryn writes, "There’s nothing good about the Last of Us in the way that it makes the player feel. It’s dark and it gets darker, but it was in this reflection that I realized that during my play-through of the Last of Us, that I became a monster.

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wastedcells2028d ago

Joel is one of the best good guy/bad guy, anti-heros ever. Not many games make you feel the way you felt after playing them through like The Last of Us does. I gotta play this again now.... Was going to wait until like August since there is nothing really coming out but F that.

Allsystemgamer2028d ago

I fell for every character in this game. ND did a truly fantastic job making the player feel all of Joel's feels

Nitrowolf22028d ago


This game man. SO many games out there do such a shitty job with characters. Within the first 10 minutes I knew I would like Joel. Pretty much any character that was introduced were down extremely well. David, he's in the game for a short time, but wow did they do an excellent job with him.

HarryMasonHerpderp2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Apparently Nolan North (Nathan Drake) voiced David.
One of the best jobs he's ever done. I would never of known it was him until I read about it online.

wishingW3L2028d ago

it says **Spoilers** in the tittle of the article, so of-course the comment section will have spoilers too.

MikeyDucati12028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

EDIT: wrong bubble

MikeyDucati12028d ago

What it is interesting about TLOU is that many people from certain walks of life has stated that the game really had an affect on them. Listen, I'm not trying to take away from the game or take away from another's experience. But I found that while playing TLOU, elements that would shock another gamer did not shock me. For instance, the author goes into talking about Joel's character and how vivid the murders he committed. The game even presents it often to the gamer to present a shock factor. I wasn't shocked. Now I'm not a killer but at the same moment, I understood that Joel did what was necessary to survive. If Joel didn't lock that part of him inside, he would have ended up dead or maybe worse. Maybe that's a man's thing. But a man must do what he can, in situations like those, to survive. And also, once a man loses all that he loves and care for (especially when it was taken from him), he WILL become something else. It is inevitable. Joel wasn't evil. Joel wanted a reason to look at things differently. For instance, when Ellie talks about the view of the capital building, the three of them had not been together too long when she says that. Joel is immediately snapped out of his present "cardboard emotions" character and admires the view. His partner in crime, snaps him back to the present reality. So you can see that his partner kept Joel at that edge. You hear in the interactions she has with other folks as they are walking around in the town looking for that dude that owes them money. The men don't recognize Joel but they do recognize and respect her. Joel was strong but the his partner is what kept him going.

I think TLOU is great for commentary. So many people have their jaws dropped about what transpired in TLOU. At the same time, there is another group of people who find nothing about TLOU shocking. People who have seen the ugliness of mankind and understand the rigorous rules of survival. But that's what great about TLOU. What is discussed in that game expresses the ugliness of mankind and the chance of redemption...something plenty of people don't sit down and talk about in common conversations or experienced.

showtimefolks2028d ago

it doesn't have to shock us for us to realize how great of game content this game delivered

its ND, i am scared they are setting the bar way too for them self to even match or pass, but than again its ND and like rockstar they know how to exceed expections

blanket142028d ago

I loved this game. I have honestly never played a game that brought you in the reality of what was going on. especially the end I felt almost angry that they wanted to kill an innocent girl ellie to save the world after beatibg the game I felt like it changed alot like it moved me in lots of ways. great job ND I really hope to see more games from you soon I was blown away by the game. I think I would of made the same decision as joel I mean he already lost 1 daughter he didn't want to lose another one wow mind blown. im not being sarcastic at all I just beat it the other day.