Will Don Matrick's Departure Fix The Xbox Brand?

With news that Don Mattrick, head of the Xbox Division, is leaving Microsoft for greener pastures, what does this mean for the Xbox One and Microsoft's plans for the next generation of video games?

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allformats1988d ago

No. On the contrary, with Ballmer becoming boss of the Xbox division, things look more dismal than ever.

georgeenoob1988d ago

Things will always look dismal for you, no matter who they put in charge.

dark-hollow1988d ago

What's wrong with ballmer? Besides he's temporary till they find someone else.

dedicatedtogamers1988d ago

Yeah, the article points out that with Ballmer still heavily involved with the XBox brand, things likely won't change. I mean, Ballmer appointed Mattrick in the first place. Ballmer likely played a role in the all-in-one direction that Microsoft is now taking.

Dlacy13g1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Ballmer wont be the boss of the Xbox division permanently. He has everyone reporting to him now while they figure out who they will put in Don Matricks vacant position. Ballmer had to in the letter appoint someone which tells investors that the Xbox division has someone at the helm. Without him saying that, questions and uncertainty about decision making would certainly come into play from investors. Having the head of the entire company as that interim decision maker points to the importance of Xbox to Microsoft.

ThanatosDMC1988d ago

I wonder if Mattrick just left the company or his division. Seems douchey to me.

pompombrum1988d ago

Someone's head had a roll after the Xbox 180, choosing Mattrick was an easy decision tbh.

karl1987d ago

was mattrick really behind all those bads decision about the xone?

i thought he was more like the face of the Ms xbox
and nothing else

ThanatosDMC1987d ago

^He might have been... but we can only make assumptions. I doubt they'll reveal the true story of how badly they f*cked up.

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Relientk771988d ago

Honestly it'd probably help even if it's just a little

I for one definitely do not like Don Mattrick

what happens if you have no internet, then you can buy an Xbox 360

yeah ok Don, sure be that way

Kingthrash3601988d ago

bush has been out office for 5 years now.....the country is still digging its way out....smh.

Rusty5151988d ago

Bush wrecked it. But let's be honest here, Obama isn't doing jack shit to fix it.

Starbucks_Fan1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Why not blame the government as a whole and not just Obama? I don't get why people who do that. There are so many corrupted people in the U.S. government.

Dlacy13g1988d ago

@Starbuck_Fan then why blame Bush either? You blame the captain of the ship not the people helping to run it. The Captain sets the course... and thus is the one who takes all the glory and the blame.

Kingthrash3601988d ago

its just when bush lied about the war the government let it happen.
when Obama tries to pass ANYTHING they decline. its not that's he's doing jack shit....its that congress wont pass even the logical needed health care...gun control..ect.

Kingthrash3601988d ago

I just realized how off topic this interesting than the changes ms has made I guess.

Kaneda1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

@ Kingthrash360 Obama got control of the whole government in his first 2 years! and Obamacare got pass! Bush never has that! and 54% American don't want Obamacare, and some 18 states will not adopt Obamacare, about 6 or 7 states undecided.

Obama doesn't lie? Spying on his own people and allies! IRS! He is just adding to the mess of this country! Oh yeah, benghazi..

Hicken1988d ago

Bush didn't wreck it. He inherited something that was a mess; we just didn't know it yet.

And Obama's not doing "nothing" to fix things. But even if you're President of the US, there's only so much you can do on your own.

The MS situation is the same: no one person put them in the situation they're in. Removing or adding any one person won't make it all better.

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PrimeGrime1988d ago

Nothing annoys me more than this stupid crap. The world has been a crazy shit hole ever since humans got the brains to think for themselves.

I mean seriously do people honestly think things were bad just because of Bush and only after he left? No they were bad before and long before that and long long before that. Things have always been bad, no matter what time period it is people still live in blind stupidity. We are constantly still fighting for the most basic human rights.

I mean we still have racists for christ sakes, people who can't watch a fucking cheerios commercial without flipping out over an interracial family. It seriously blows my mind how stupid people still are, not only that but they choose to be that stupid. it isn't that they are technically that stupid, the simply choose to be.

Presidents are just shills anyway for you people to focus on. Sad not enough have figured that out yet, why blame the government or the entire world getting to heart of these issues and their absurdity. Just blame one man and his little administration like they are actually running this entire country.

Ugh... Dick Cheney for fuck sakes has more power than the damn president ever will. He isn't even the president.

TongkatAli1988d ago

Tywin Lannister = Dick Cheney. I agree to everything you said.

1987d ago
Stryfeno21988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

It all depends on who takes his place. Hopefully it's someone with a better vision.

first1NFANTRY1988d ago

between now and launch things will not change drastically. It may help but the next CEO will have alot on their plate.

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