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"Marvel Entertainment created something very unique with the Deadpool character. Deadpool is your favorite anti-hero that manages to always get a laugh with his toilet humor and funny one-liners. The hired mercenary has turned to the side of the good in the new Deadpool game and has some of the best combined abilities out of all the superheroes with his abilities to heal quickly, teleport and of course his brute strength."

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NiteX2024d ago

Isn't this the same people that gave TLOU a 7?

CrossingEden2024d ago

omgerrd, obviously they were paid for micro to give it a bad review, because no one in their right mind would think that the last of us is anything less then amazing -_-
-this is the logic of your comment,
-the person who wrote this review isn't the one who bought the last of us
-grow up and learn to live with the fact that someone else has a different opinion about your favorite video games
-btw, don't ever complain about overhyped games again, because the fact that the lot of you constantly worship the last of us is complete hypocrisy when you say that something is overrated when you don't accept any score below 9

kB02024d ago

Its opinion relax. 7/10 is still a good game, it's not like everyone is going to like it...a lot of rpg players out there and freedom lovers:)

I personally thought it was a 9.5/10, only downside I thought was that it still resembled uncharted a little too much minus the parkcour.

AS for Deadpool, no matter how you spin this, any fan of the series will enjoy the game. I personally love the amazing spiderman game even with the web slinging onto invisible's all debatable:)

Good review over all. It did point out some of the hinders of the game, but this shouldn't stop anyone from buying it!

Death2024d ago

I'm a comic nerd. This game has been a blast and captures Deadpool spot on. I recommend it to any fan. :)