Local News Uncovers Adult Content in LittleBigPlanet 2 Two Years Late

Give players the tools to create their own game content, and sooner or later there's going to be a penis, a phenomenon Stephen Totilo's hard-hitting investigative report from earlier this year explored.

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Majin-vegeta1961d ago

*Looks at BO&BO2* custome emblems.You were saying?

BiggCMan1961d ago

Yup. PLUS, there's a little something at the bottom of EVERY video game case in the world that says "online interactions not rated by the ESRB" or whichever ratings board your country has. Stupid media outlets just try and make out video games to be the most evil thing in the world.

gamer421960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I saw the report and I thought it was pretty ironic at 1:45, when he said "But it's rated E for everyone!" and started showing the rated E label, but if you looked a little lower you can see where it says "online interactions not rated by ESRB"
People are just paranoid. That's why parents should be informed about the things they buy for their kids.

SolidStoner1959d ago

parents are adults... they are the ones who are responsible for EVERYTHING... read ratings more carefully... if you need or want to :)

I dont care.. I never had a problem after seeing a gentlemans sausage, but I admit I rather see a naked woman!!!! thats for sure! :)

Kran1960d ago

Not that I'm defending Black Ops and Black Ops 2, but they are 18+ games here in the UK...

so... yeah... kinda doesn't mean much, unless you're referring to the kids that play it.

Skate-AK1960d ago

Some peoples custom emblems are dumb. Who wants to see a horse raping a pig that is raping a human?

OrangePowerz1960d ago

You cant monitor over 8 million levels. Thats why the game has the feature to rate inappropriate content.

HammadTheBeast1960d ago

People post bad stuff on the news. Please ban them.

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41960d ago

I agree with u I'm adult reporting them do. I think they kids post any Adult Content?.
Since Black ops 1/2 had bad emblems?.

jmc88881960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yeah not a big deal. Games that allow for user creation and mods tend to have things like this crop up. Most people would never see it since there are so many things created.

If a 17 year old guy really created such a stink about this, then he has some serious issues.

A self-ejaculating penis animation sounds hilarious, though I can understand parents won't want their kids seeing it. (though really they tend to overreact...your kid has no doubt seen worse somewhere and are still your innocent little kid.....that you know of at least)

Really not an issue, and most people who bought the game moved on from it.

A case of a very special 17 year old informing the always behind and dumb about the station trying to break something, but in reality just show how behind they are.

National 24 hour news is hilarious for how bad it is.
Local news? Forrest Gump time.

ironfist921960d ago

I love how parents continue to cave into the demands of their children when they want a game, then complain to the game companies for mature content and violence allowed to be portrayed and played within their home.

Tips to parents: Its YOUR fucking money, its YOUR fucking house, its YOUR fucking kids. Take some goddamn responsibility for your actions, instead of pointing fingers and blaming other people.

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The story is too old to be commented.