Will Continued Xbox 360 And PS3 Support Strangle the Wii U?

CCC says: "Last week, Cheat Code Central's Jake Valentine penned a little article pointing out that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 aren't going anywhere—at least not for a few years. Over 76 million people already own an Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3 has shipped over 77 million consoles. So, Sony and Microsoft would have to be stupid to completely abandon these systems at this point."

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PopRocks3592120d ago

It can. Probably has been. When the consoles are discontinued somewhere after the new consoles come out, obviously that won't be the case. A better question would be "Can Nintendo find an audience when the newer consoles come out?"

I think it can. Not at original Wii numbers, but they can make this system sell better throughout the generation. They're not doing nearly enough to make it happen though.

N4g_null2119d ago

This happens every gen and with ms passing out money bags people will wait for that to arrive first. All of the system selling games are hitting the old consoles and people will be saving or trying to while buying tons of games the media is basicly ignoring since fanboys of ps4 and Xbox get way more clicks.

360 and ps3 are a sweet stop if you don't need Nintendo games. Also these system will need an extra year to gage who is ready to buy the new stuff plus all three have some pretty big plans that take off after at least a year afterluanch.

I think there is still demand for the Wii best sellers. Mario is some thing you get after you get your favorite game though. I will agree its coolness in design is getting long in the tooth when you take a glance at the many Mario games that have came out.

Mario 2 and 3 spoiled us... galaxy wowed us... yet you don't see the magic in 3d land or wiiu version until you play them.maybe this comes from the art design? Why don't we know the guys behind these art designs or is the Mario creator credited with these?

I would suggest they do the levels and then go Mario kart 8 crazy with the art. Mario is missing his style I believe.

Visually I believe they can do this right. The core game play still rocks but the extra areas should experiment more. That is what made 2 and 3 a treat.

New Mario sold based on the drought of Mario's in 2d. I see why they are careful with this though. The new sonic is what we always wanted yet it was difficult to make the 2d to 3d move.

RFornillos42119d ago

with multiplatform and cross-platform releases (games that will appear in both the PS3/PS4 and XBox360/XBone), the question should be "will continued xbox 360 and ps3 support strangle the PS4/XBone?", because that would mean that these new consoles will practically be competing with themselves. imagine a title like Assassin's Creed 4 or Watch_Dogs, noted to be coming also for PS4 and XBone. if i'm on a tight budget, will i be getting it for my existing PS3/Xbox360, or will i instead get a new console?

of course the same can be said for the cross-platform releases for Wii and Wii U; but thankfully, since the tech gap between Wii and Wii U is pretty significant, we will seldom see cross-platform releases for the two.

Apex132119d ago

I have a wii U and i love it but them making it just a little more powerful and not close enough to the PS4-FLOPbox One was another mistake from Nintendo.

I love Nintendo but they are killing me man and i am lossing faith so fast.

If it was not their games and their quality I would have stopped buying their stuff.

I have the pS3/360 but hardly play andonly a few games I personally can yes it stands out but not a lot.

I think support for those systems will hurt Wii U but mostly the lack of communication. You cant put the system in everyones hands inorder to sell enough and is a stupid, lazy way of thinking marketing wise.

PrimeGrime2119d ago

Yea can't wait to see that continued 360 support, as if it had a ton of games to being with.. People honestly think Microsoft will work harder on it now than they did when it was in its prime? Ok.

Apex132119d ago

MS having given up on the 360 and that is clear from the lack of the games. Sony will continue selling even if they get no new games.

either way, because the power is not that different Nintendo has prospectively given the 360/ps3 a longer shelf life. It was stupid making the spec so close.

N4g_null2119d ago

Ms won't but third parties will and are doing currently that. These dev kits are paid for engines built and their is already a fan base. I know ms i s evil but no one is walking away from that investment. If Sony would have out halo'd or out gears of war or out did ms with motion controls ms would not even be a player. Luckily songs art talent is pulling them Thur they just need game play now. .

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