Don Mattrick leaving Microsoft? Who’s next?

Not long ago, AllThingsD reported that Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment president, would be leaving the company and this one is now confirmed. Apparently, he’s going for a similar job with Zynga. There’s clearly something brewing internally at Microsoft, so the next questions that come to mind are these. Who’s next to leave? And who’s next in line?

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majiebeast1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Yusuf "TV" Mehdi is probably gonna replace him, it falls in line with Microsofts focus on entertainment and thats what Ballmer wants.

NYC_Gamer1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Phil Harrison would be the best choice to lead the Xbox brand.

Harrison is the only one really in tune with the gaming community working @MS right now..Phil was only taking orders from above by standing by X1 former restrictions..Did anyone really expect him to speak out against his bosses?Phil has done a lot of good things while working for Sony and really could help MS when it comes software/developers.

majiebeast1938d ago

Spencer would get promoted before Harrison seeing as Harrison reports to Spencer. Also the guy is a walking curse and a PR disaster.

h0stile1938d ago

I wouldn't trust Phil Harrison with the Xbox One launch. Sony trusted him with the PS3 launch and we all know how that went. He "resigned" from his position with Sony in February 2008 and he hasn't done much since. He took a position with Infogrames (later Atari), then with Gaikai for a while and he is now with Microsoft, which makes him a valid choice (given his current and past positions), but then again, I wouldn't trust him with the Xbox One launch, unless they're thinking something along the line of "Well, the worst is behind us already. He can't be that bad". Unfortunately, such a compromise wouldn't be in Xbox One's best interest. I think.

GameCents1938d ago

The E3 I saw was about games and that really impressed me. Whoever decided on that should be the next in line.

h0stile1938d ago

This actually opens up an interesting question. With Don Mattrick leaving, does it mean that Microsoft will cater to or target a different crowd with Xbox One? Will they shift towards more mature/core gamers or will they continue their assault on the living room? If Phil Spencer is upgraded, then we could see some interesting shifts and twists taking place, but I fear their need to grow is bigger, so they'll probably go for Yusuf Mehdi or someone like him.

Gamesgbkiller1938d ago

Harrison should be the first one to leave.

Just... :(

BABY-JEDI1938d ago

Sony will be so disappointed with this!

MWH1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

SONY right? i'm going with you.

edit: i'm keeping mine too.

Zoron0071938d ago

Yes Sony. Well I'm keeping my 360 still though.

Dlacy13g1938d ago

I think Spencer is a logical Choice... But not sure where Aaron Greenberg fits in but he could potentially be a candidate. I don't think Harrison gets the nod just because he actually reports to Spencer from my understanding.

NYC_Gamer1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

I don't believe Spencer is the correct choice since Xbox needs a leader who understands the whole community from all sides...MS needs to hire someone who could spot talent and build up studios/knows what gamers want.

Dlacy13g1938d ago

Well assuming the promote from within I still think Spencer is the front runner.

That said, if they were to look outside for someone who has a great vision and understanding of gamers and the industry. Jason Rubin feels like such a great choice for MS to bring on. Whether it be for all of Xbox or just to fill in Spencers roll for game talent if he gets promoted.

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