Please Understand: Game Companies Don't Care About You Over Profit

Invisible Gamer's Gabe Gurwin writes: "While vocal gamers certainly had a role in damaging perception of the Xbox One, Microsoft’s bottom line on the device was what drove the change. Perhaps this was why a decision had not been made prior to E3: Microsoft simply underestimated how poorly the public viewed the Xbox One."

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Majin-vegeta1936d ago

Then why is Sony giving us games after games??if they didnt care they would just be doing dumb sh*t after dumb sh*t.

GamingAngelGabriel1936d ago

Because it puts them in a good light and makes you become a lifetime supporter of their products.

TongkatAli1936d ago

Scratch my back I scratch yours, that is life.

nypifisel1936d ago

That's the thing though. I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows companies answer to shareholders and not consumers. But there's many ways to go about this, and it effects consumers differently. Sony went with the far more appealing approach of thinking a happy customer is a spending one (which seems to work just fine). Microsoft went a completely other way thinking they can force the consumers into doing it like they want, this does works sometimes, it's not something we like though.

Sony will come out on top because of this and Microsoft needs to take a hard look at themselves.

georgeenoob1936d ago

You THINK Sony puts gamers before profits but pretending to put gamers first is their approach of making more profit for the long run.

mp12891936d ago

Good companies realize consumers=profit

GrandTheftZamboni1936d ago

Each one of us who has bills to pay has to put profit before other people's entertainment. That still doesn't mean that all of us are the same. Some of us do what we do because we're passionate first while bringing money home. Some of us are in what we do for money first regardless of what the job does. My feeling is that Sony is passionate about gaming, while MS sees just another opportunity in it. Corporate culture isn't the same at every company who is trying to make money.

TronEOL1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Care about customers/developers = more support = more money.

So everyone wins.

Everyone will always have someone buying their product if it's at least decent. But being BETTER at something will get you more. Aka Sony and the PS4.

Fat Bastard1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I don't know if anyone here has a business degree based on the foolish comments, but the goal of a firm is to maximize shareholder wealth, not to maximize profits. In some cases these two go hand in hand, but in many cases they do not. Take a few basic business classes and you'll understand, they're not the same thing. This doesn't have to do with Microsoft or Sony btw, it's just a business fact. And this isn't aimed at gamingangel, it's aimed at everyone

Sayai jin1936d ago

@GrandTheftZamboni - I agree with you about individual having passion and still making a living. However, people or individual households are not like large corporations. True some companies have passion, but unlike individuals they have shareholders that they have to answer to. You made a comparison of MS and Sony....I am thinking you are talking about the gaming divisions. While that point is arguable, I will comment on the companies as a whole (also arguable). MS makes most of it's money on it OS. They have many more division in their company. Many see Microsoft as the evil giant and not innovative. Like many companies they push products that fail (hello zune). Sony is a diverse company as well. Sony's electronic division especially their audio section used to be in the pinnacle of excellence. In the last two decades they have turned that division into a mediocre audio division and go on their name to make sales. Sony's home and mobile speakers, receivers, etc have fallen and become Wal-Mart brands. They still make excellent TVs, but companies like Samsung, Sharp, etc have exceeded them in this dept.

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dedicatedtogamers1936d ago

I wrote a blog about this last week:

To say "such and such company doesn't care about you over profit" is petty at best and downright ignorant at worst. What, am I supposed to be mad that a corporation doesn't personally care about me? Should I stop buying their products? OH NOEZ!

GamingAngelGabriel1936d ago

You're missing the point. I'm arguing that a company isn't making good PR decisions for no reason other than to make people happy. The more people like Sony, the more successful the company will be.

GamingAngelGabriel1936d ago

I also never said that Sony is just like Microsoft. In many respects, I'm saying the opposite. By proving to consumers that they value them (as consumers) it has given them a sizable lead going into the next generation.

Crazyglues1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

@ dedicatedtogamers

-And that was a really nice blog Post.. Really nice read.. well done.

-yeah but back on topic-

I think this is a little different view point but both were good reads..

I think Sony's approach is from a consumer friendly standpoint -(meaning let's try to make money but do it with out hurting consumers)

So I think that's why they win, they thought of the consumers first before doing things..

Where as MS said hey if it makes money let's do that, consumer were an after thought. -As they just thought consumers will just adjust to the new polices...

||.........___||............ ||

PopRocks3591936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I think it's more about recognizing the truth about the situation.

I'm fully aware Nintendo doesn't give much of a lick about me as a fan as oppose to the contents of my wallet. But I enjoy their products. That's about enough for me.

That's just one personal example of course.

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Rusty5151936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Dude, you sound ridiculous. ALL companies want money. They need to make a profit to stay in business. No arguing with that. Sony is playing it smart. The more customer satisfaction you have, the more money you're gonna get. This isn't a game of kickball on the playground. Sony isn't our friend. They are the dealer, and we are the customer. Simple as that.

GamingAngelGabriel1936d ago

....That's exactly what I say in the article. That's why it says "over profit."

matgrowcott1936d ago

Because enough people subscribe to Plus and games are cheap enough to put onto the service that everybody involved is making a ton of money.

You didn't think they were literally giving games out for free?

stuna11936d ago

We all know that game companies don't love us! But Sony comes pretty close, maybe it's an extreme case of infatuation.

JsonHenry1936d ago

The problem is they can't do "dumb sh*t" too many times or people will not buy their products. They saw an advantage they could hold over MS on used games/DRM policies and they went with it.

Do you really not think if they thought they could do away with used games or require checks ins to increase their bottom line they wouldn't do it?

Doctor_Freeman1936d ago

"Please Understand: Game Companies Don't Care About You Over Profit."

Ehh their job isn't to care about us, its to make money. But I believe if they make an effort to care then the latter will follow.

TheHybrid1936d ago

You're life must be very confusing and painful

MegaLagann1936d ago

See this is my point. Sony doesn't give you free games on PS+ because they care about you, they do it as incentive for you to pay 50 dollars a year for PS+. It helps their bottom line. You see? PROFIT! Sweet glorious profit! And in the end, why should we care. We get free games, so everyone wins. But don't act like Sony is doing this just for you. This was one problem I had with everyone's reaction to E3 this year. People acted like Sony just cured aids and cancer at the same time because they announced the PS4 would have no DRM. The reason they did it is because they saw how pissed everyone was at Microsoft, the quietly took out all their DRM and then went on stage and embarrassed the s*it out of Microsoft (which was great, by the way). But again, just like with the last example, don't think Sony is a holy virgin sent from the heavens by archangel Trenton to save gaming. They did it to cover their ass, as any company should. And just like in the first example, who cares? We benefit, this is good. But don't give companies credit for doing their job. (This also applies to every company, just used Sony as an example because prince of all Saiyains was talking about them).

wastedcells1936d ago

What if there is profit in caring about you? Mind blown.

redcar1211936d ago

sony is a company that needs to make money stop bumming them they dont give a monkeys bout u

PopRocks3591936d ago

Earning fan respect (and treating your customers well) is not necessarily a sign of compassion. It's just a way to not piss off the people buying your products. Some companies are better at recognizing this (and how to do it) than others. Sony's just a LOT better at it than Microsoft nowadays.

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MariaHelFutura1936d ago

Some do more than others. I would have thought that would be clear by now.

no_more_trolling1936d ago

youre obsessed with any man who works for sony
i could set up a dinner date for you with that man on your display icon :P

Qrphe1935d ago

Not really, Sony is only acting nicer because they think their approach will yield the best financial results (and it has). If their thinking was different (like in the beginning of the 7th gen for example), they would go with another approach.

NYC_Gamer1936d ago

I never thought these multi- billion dollar companies were my friends....Its common sense that their job is to put out and market products that consumers wanna buy.

GamingAngelGabriel1936d ago

Well I wish more people were like you.

Hicken1936d ago

I don't think anybody SERIOUSLY doesn't understand this.

It just so happens that some companies, more than others, understand that treating their customers well will ALWAYS result in more money. Repeat customers and a loyal fanbase will always be a more reliable source of income than casual or one-shot buyers.

The companies that at least PRETEND like their customers matter will continue to do well. That's part of why there seems to be so many Sony "fanboys" around sites like this. Sony treats people well, EARNING continued service, and the defense people have of the company. Nintendo does the same, though they seem to have lost their way a bit recently.

But, looking at Microsoft, I just don't see them doing things the same way.

Smoovekid1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

If they want our money they will give us what we want.

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