The Last of Us: Best Multiplayer Ever?

Kirk @ GameGrin - "When a multiplayer component was first announced for The Last of Us, my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head that my pupils poked me in the frontal lobe. What followed the announcement of this unwanted extra was a void... Silence. Absolutely nothing."

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xHeavYx1961d ago

I love the MP, it's frustrating when you start, because not many people are very patient (me included) but once you get a good team you can have a lot of fun

Donnieboi1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

The best multiplayer game imo is Metal Gear Online. In fact, it had a mode called Team Sneaking, and TLOU's multiplayer reminds me of that mode.

But if people never played it, then they wouldn't understand. Since MGO servers are offline now, then I give the crown to TLOU, hands-down.

Shuyin1961d ago

Agreed. People just don't know about MGO.

Septic1960d ago

You give TLOU, hands-down, the best multiplayer ever? Really? I'm sorry, whilst I thoroughly enjoy TLOU's multiplayer, it is by no means, anywhere near close to being the best multiplayer ever.

It serves an enjoyable distraction to the highlight of the game that is the campaign for TLOU.

Obviously the question is subjective but it isn't the 'best multiplayer ever conceived' like the rep from Naughty Dog once proclaimed nor does it stand out to be such a thing by any objective assessment. However, it is good fun.

Kanzes1961d ago

Battlefield 3 and Halo 3 are the best multiplayer ever

Rusty5151961d ago

Borderlands has the best MP.

HammadTheBeast1960d ago

Battlefield 3's multi player is just completely frustrating now, and has been since they made some horrible changes from Armored Kill.

Halo 3 is pretty fun, although I enjoyed 2 a bit as well.

The Meerkat1961d ago

Guys, you're forgetting about Bomberman!

iMaim1961d ago

Hunters killed my entire clan cause I chose Shiv kills as my mission. Never again.

xHeavYx1961d ago

Best thing is to craft smoke bombs and use the perk that gives you 1 shiv. If you stun enemies you can shiv them from anywhere

ArchangelMike1961d ago

Best mission to choose I find is the heal team mates. you get lots of parts as well, and if you do the job well your team's survival rate is much higher.

Kinger89381961d ago

Same that ones soo easy too

Temporary1960d ago

Once you complete the mission you move on to another one anyway, so the easy ones like "Mark your enemies" complete really fast.

Mr_Nuts1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Not yet...they need to work on some things

- I shouldn't get punished if the host leaves the match and I end up getting a ton of hungry/sick people and then end up with people dying on me. Not to mention the fact that if your doing a mission it would count as a day meaning your loosing out on how much time you have, same applies if your entering a match which is half over

- Long guns like the over powered riffle should NOT be a load out item. Long guns like the bow and riffle should have to be found in randomly generated parts of the map. Hell this could be a new mode *True Survival Mode" maybe with a limit cap on the listening mode. Oh and you SHOULD NOT be allowed to buy armour during a match, it's gimmicky and it doesn't fit the style of the game. Same with buying ammo. If you want ammo then go to a supply crate and get some, it's the whole point of this type of game

- People should only have two boosters, not four. I don't see why you should be allowed so many. It's a game about using your wits not get help off boosters. Uncharted 2 got it right, no upgradable stuff, just two simple boosters (except situational awareness that was ridiculous at times)

- Oh and the teams need to be sorted better, you could get 4 very experienced players who just so happen to be hunters for example against newbies or regular players who are on the other side just because of what side you've picked. Not what is fair,

Theres still a long way to go but it is a blast to play. Much better then every other multiplayer game out there.

I hope the sequel improves on customization but I don't want the gameplay mechanics end up gimmick like, like in Uncharted 3 from Uncharted 2. It ruined Uncharteds online in my opinion

xHeavYx1961d ago

1) Didn't they fix the connection issue on the last patch?
2) Bow is low to reload and you have to be very accurate.
3) Agree that there may be a bit too many boosters, but you can't use their max level unless you get rid of some.
4) You can now play against people who have no buddies, that makes the matches easier

Mr_Nuts1961d ago

Well being on the ND forums it seems some people are still experiencing issues with the connection but you also have the ones which freeze for everyone on load up taking away a day from your missions and even ones that put you half way through a match which is unfair to your mission progress.

It's not about buddies talking to one another it's about random people who are high levels being put in the same team because they are both the same faction instead of it balancing the teams out fairly. If theres two players who are Lv 13 but are both hunters they will be on the same team instead of one being on the opposite know to mix it up and balance out the teams are new users and experienced ones.

KillrateOmega1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Have they not already taken care of the connection problem?

But yeah, I have an issue with the quantity of boosters they give you as well. The fact that you can just buy ammo and armor in the middle of a match doesn't sit right with me either.

wishingW3L1961d ago

you're not exactly buying it. You're just taking it out of your backpack. ;)

xPhearR3dx1961d ago

Personally, I like all the boosters because there's so many different play styles you can choose from. I don't mind being able to purchase ammo, but body armor is pretty lame. I like that you can choose to upgrade your weapons fire rate, recoil etc or use that salvage to get ammo.

However, since the salvage you spend still counts towards the total supplies you get at the end of the mach, there should be rewards for players who don't spend the salvage and get more supplies. That to me would feel much more like a risk reward type deal the game is going for.

You could be in the middle of the match and have to decide, do I want to use this salvage to help my team win and potentially earn more salvage by the kills I can get, or should I play it safe and use what I have and save the salvage for more supplies.

Mr_Nuts1960d ago

*** don't mind being able to purchase ammo, but body armor is pretty lame. I like that you can choose to upgrade your weapons fire rate, recoil etc or use that salvage to get ammo. ***

See thats my problem though along with the armour. It's a game about surviving, using your wits and can you just buy ammo and upgrade your guns.

It should make people in a match use their ammo more carefully. If they are out then they would have to run and find a supply crate, it would add more tension to the game. Do I shoot and use my last bullets or should I find a supply crate but my that time that guy will be healed by his team mate"

Salooh1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

They can fix anything they want. They just need to let me use my awesome bow . It's the only thing that makes me interested on playing the multiplayer. :P

What i love about it is that it need skills. I can play it for a year because of that. I still play BF3 , Uncharted 2/3 and other games that have skills even though i'm bored with the content ..

HarryMasonHerpderp1961d ago

Yeah the Armour thing is really annoying.
You can get the jump on someone and they will still own you because they're wearing Armour. An if a team is winning they tend to Armour up and buy the Long Guns which pretty much means it's all over for the opposite team.

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wishingW3L1961d ago

it get's old fast though. Maps are too small and people plays it like Call of Duty and it ruins the experience.

Salooh1961d ago

What do you mean like call of duty ?. The only thing that bothers me is when they don't revive me. Don't disagree just want to know what do you mean :P ..

Septic1960d ago

Argh yeah. I was screaming at some complete morons I was palying with the other day. There were no enemies and the guy could have easily revived but get this....decided to craft something and then walk off.

Needless to say, he never got any revives from me. And as usual, I was carrying the team.

Lesson from this: don't play with random idiots!

MikeyDucati11961d ago

Jesus christ, no it isn't. Yes, TLOU is good. Yes, the game story and gameplay is yadda yadda yadda.

Ok I got it, you really liked the game. But far as it being the best multiplayer ever? Not hardly...and not even close.

Imalwaysright1961d ago

Its called opinion.


MikeyDucati11960d ago

LOL!!!! Anddddd look who's talking? Don't follow own advice much?

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