RantyPants Volume 2: F*ck The Last of Us Multiplayer

On this volume of STFUandPLAY's Rantypants, Tony Polanco tries out The Last of Us’ multiplayer and expresses his frustrations with it.

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xHeavYx1987d ago

"You run around shooting the f*ck out of each other" Right there it tells you this guy is the typical "I'll run and shoot at everyone and everything"
TLOU MP is amazing, it takes some time to get used to it though (especially if you are like me, who has been playing UC3 online)
You need to get smart and that comes with time, then you know where to place traps, what to craft, and most important NOT GOING ALONE LIKE THIS IS COD

Ron_Danger1987d ago

I love playing against guys that try to run and gun. Really helps increase my clan size.

ddurand11987d ago

I appreciate TLOU MP, but i dont enjoy it.

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1987d ago
Kiddcarter1982d ago

You need team work, team work and more team work in this game, if you run off solo you will more than likely die and die quickly and you also need to craft items whenever you can