Sessler's ...Something: Next-Gen Consoles & The Future Of Load Screens

Rev:his week, Adam wishes for a next-gen future of gaming with no loading screens, and reflects on the effects waiting around has had on gameplay.


Rev:This week, Adam wishes for a next-gen future of gaming with no loading screens, and reflects on the effects waiting around has had on gameplay.

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dedicatedtogamers1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Sessler is kinda losing his message. During all of E3, he was playing the "whoa whoa let's wait and see, guys. Don't get mad at Xbox One" card, then we was playing the "Sony will probably do the same thing" card, then he was playing the "don't preorder yet! We don't know anything at all about the next-gen consoles!" card, then he played the "PS4 is just as expensive as Xbox One when you add in the camera and PS+" card.

And then he calls angry comments on youtube "fanboys", even though angry comments are part of why Microsoft did a 180 on the Xbox One. And then he says "huh, I don't know which version of Watch_Dogs to get. We don't know enough" even though we know PS4 is lead platform and PS4 will have exclusive content.

It's like he would break out in hives if he confessed that Sony might be doing something better than Microsoft. I've noticed a lot of so-called "journalists" exhibiting the same sort of behavior around E3 this year.

xHeavYx1937d ago

Agree, he still can't admit that he prefers the Xbox, the Watch_Dogs question was obvious (unless you don't like extra content)
About the first part of the video, I think more games should do what Demons/Dark souls do, and "penalize" the careless players

Blackdeath_6631937d ago

i've been playing demon souls from this months psplus collection and i am not sure if it penalizes careless players or tortures them that game is so hard and in a weird way not at all frustrating, mostly just fun. really been enjoying it and i have to say the idea of having to go back to the place you died to regain your souls is clever.

Ashunderfire861937d ago

Yea like no saving every minute with 3 save slots. Games like Skyrim, Deus Ex, Mass Effect are guilty of this. You play those games and if you wanted to see 4 choices at the end, all you have to do is save the game close to the end; never playing it at the beginning again. This is one of the reasons why I like Demon/Dark Souls, because what you do automatically saves, and there is one way you can change it until new game.

RiPPn1937d ago

Very well said, I thought he was trying to be as neutral as possible this week, but you're right, even by not picking the better version of Watch Dogs, the PS4 version due to the extra content, he is still sliding the PS4. Crazy.

dedicatedtogamers1937d ago

I think it's funny too how he says "A lot of people notice that I leaned towards the 360, and part of that was because I really liked the conroller. Well, I really like the PS4's controller, but it won't be a determining factor in which console I prefer"

Um, what?! Hahha!

mydyingparadiselost1937d ago

Yea he's definately losing his message. He mentions all the fanboy bruhaha but when it comes to Watch Dogs he doesn't even mention it's coming to WiiU, and he did the same thing when talking to some guy from Ubisoft during E3. I don't need him to be all fanboy over the N or anything but not even acknowledging a platform is bad journalism and plays into the very fanboy mentality he talks so much about hating.

MikeMyers1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

"Sessler is kinda losing his message."

Really? What message is that, that he enjoys games and isn't part of all this fanboy rage out there? What message is yours other than you despise Microsoft and have had nothing good to say about them or the Xbox brand for years? You seem severely scarred even though you have a choice not to support the Xbox One.

That's where people like Sessler and the fanatics online differ. He seems far more mature and calm. He also doesn't have a vested interest in making sure one system is better than the other because again, it comes down to enjoying the games. As opposed to those lunatics that like to scream, whine, troll and act like a baby online. They appear to enjoy these games they play in forums than actually playing videogames.

SilentNegotiator1937d ago

Well YOU clearly can't get a message, if that's what you got out of that comment.

InTheLab1937d ago

I've said it for years and the question is still relevant to this day.

Why is it that no one ever accuses him of being paid by Sony?

The guy is a raging Xbox fanboy. He loves throwing around the fanboy word be he is as bad as the worst of them because he actually has a voice in this industry.

XabiDaChosenOne1937d ago

I like Sessler over all, he is very insightful and levelheaded.

aquamala1937d ago

good answer Adam, Watch Dogs on PC FTW

S2Killinit1937d ago

totally agree with you. I don't think he is a bad guy but he definitely is on the Microsoft paycheck list from time to time so I take what he says, or how he says it with a grain of salt.

Cryptcuzz1937d ago

I second that, never liked this guy as a journalist since something about him screams hidden agenda. For example with the Watchdogs issue, how else are you going to justify waiting on which console version to buy at the moment when the PS4 version is the lead platform and is confirmed to come with exclusive content?

I can see why he would want to be viewed as being neutral, but his actions proves otherwise which just makes him look silly at his job.

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Is he slurring? Sounds like he had a rough night?!

Xof1937d ago

Anyone who expects load screens to diminish or die is off his or her rocker. The number one thing developers will use all that shiny new generation hardware for is to get away with sloppier, even more bloated code.

SliceOfTruth8881937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Its amazing how people still think PS4 is a powerhouse and xbox is just some joke. I am no fanboy of either system but i can tell you that Specs are not the most important part. The fact XBOX uses 5 gigs of ram compared to sonys 7 for gaming is a huge benefit for xbox. The future of gaming is not a closed off box that plays games. Games like watchdogs rely on an Internet Connection and the network it lives on. I dont care how much people think XBOX live is expensive but it is the best network available it is just going to get even better with the one. Which will change the entire way a game plays. PS4 uses GDDR5 ram which is great for games but poor for multitasking and operating system tasks which is what will be needed to quickly perform tasks these next gen games will be wanting. The XBOX makes up for the 5 gigs by using the esram and cloud computing which makes the entire argument moot. Plus XBOX separates the game from the OS by using 2 virtual machines. If you take the time to look at how microsoft plans to use the Xbox one its impressive technology. I wont care because i will own PS4 and XBOX but i cant wait for the shell shocked gamers who will go "MY PS4 HAS GDDR5 RAM???WHY IS MATCHMAKING NOT AS FAST AS XBOX" and so on

Blackdeath_6631937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

"PS4 uses GDDR5 ram which is great for games but poor for multitasking and operating system tasks" do you have anything to back that statement up a source of some sorts or did you just make it up? we haven't seen any representation of cloud computing done right i think the idea of getting infinite power from the cloud is way to overrated and overhyped

@ the comment bellow
you are still making statements based on nothing. atleast if you make assumption let us know what let you to those assumption because right now you are speaking out of you're arse

SliceOfTruth8881937d ago

GDDR is built for graphics and yes it will make the PS4 in theory the better "game box". If you take all of what makes next gen out except for graphics the PS4 is more powerfull per say. But then again we still dont know how microsoft is going to use the Sram for gaming. The bottom line is the xbox will be able to perform all tasks in the background way faster than PS4. Thats just how it is so a game like Watchdogs where someone connecting to your game plays a key role the xbox live network will be the better platform.

papashango1937d ago

ddr3 vs gddr benchmarks have been around for awhile. From what I remember gddr5 is about 5% faster in real world gaming applications. I remember seeing a few games where it was just 2-3fps faster. Though I had seen a few games where it jumped as high as 10 fps faster.

Memory has never been an issue in gaming hardware since pre-2005 when everyone was still running less than 2gb of ram. I don't think you'll run into any pc gamer who will tell you they hit a wall with 8gb of RAM.

Seriously N4G puts too much stock in this argument. It's kind of sad. The real meat and potatoes of the hardware argument should be the AMD APU's and if there's any difference in architecture and not just clock speed.

kneon1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

There is nothing wrong with GDDR5 for general purpose computing. The thing most people fail to realize is that GDDR5 latency is not in the memory but in the controllers used to access the memory. If you look at the PS4 architecture you'll notice that the CPU uses a different interface to access the RAM. The CPU has only 20Gb/s access to the RAM while the GPU has the full speed access you would expect for a GPU. The most likely reason for this split access is to give the CPU side the low latency access developers are used to.

The 32MB of esram on the Xb1 is not going to make up for having almost 30% less ram, and much slower ram at that. The esram is just going to be used for framebuffers.

The fact that the Xb1 uses virtual machines just further diminishes performance since virtual machines use resources and introduce overhead. Nothing comes for free in computing.

SliceOfTruth8881937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I agree this is not a bash on sony iam trying to cause here. The XBOX has the best platform IMO to give the full next gen experience. I could be wrong, but ill have ps4 so it wont matter lol. I still like XBOX's vision over sony and i think the key to next gen is more than who will provide the better graphics and i think some people are in for a shock. Especially when this whole DRM movement was for nothing when everything will be in an online world.

I am not trying to say the DDR3 is better for gaming thats just insane. What i am saying is that the XBOX is in a better position to do all of the tasks that will,in my opinion, define this generation. Which will be being able to search multiple game matchmaking, while playing a separate game online, while accepting party chats and so on lag free and never needing a disc to swap. Which when you look at how much money microsoft is putting into the xbox live network its exciting. I have PS3 i love it but PSN has been a garbage experience for me and i think they have allot of work to do before they can justify charging for their service. Some people are happy with the free games I want the service to be great. These virtual worlds are a prime example as to why people shouldn't be laughing off XBOX just yet because they seem to be the ones pouring the most money into it

ThatCanadianGuy5141937d ago

Slice, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about when try to talk tech.Just please stop.

the_espresso_kid1937d ago

The PS4 psn is behind a pay wall and is separate from the PS3 online. Now that it's pay to play, I expect improvements. The "cloud" is the 2013 "cell". I keep hearing about the "power of the cloud" but I need to see that in action to believe it.

Godmars2901937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Truth888, you're trying to say, "let not make any conclusions yet." Yet in the same breath declare, "XB1 is going to be the better system because of 'X' and 'Y' despite the PS4 having higher ratings in 'X' and 'Y' because it's 'X' and 'Y' is better."

Do you see where I rambled off into nonsense.

To parrot you before your attempted to sound logical failed: let's wait until we see the games.

On actual topic; yes. Sessler is coming off as extremely wishy-washy. Afraid to piss off either console maker and publisher.

Qrphe1937d ago

"The fact XBOX uses 5 gigs of ram compared to sonys 7 for gaming is a huge benefit for xbox. "

I agree, less is always more amiriteguise

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Godmars2901937d ago

"The fact XBOX uses 5 gigs of ram compared to sonys 7 for gaming is a huge benefit for xbox."


PrimeGrime1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Yea I said the same thing.. I mean how delusional can some supporters be.. It was like the Wii U fans when it first came out.

They just could not accept that it wasn't that powerful. They lied to themselves until they finally noticed it for themselves and finally knew what it had inside after Nintendo held off on ever giving out the specs for a while.

Xbox One will do fine sure but will it do game as well as the PS4 would be able to? Nope, those are just the facts. People need to accept it and move on.

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