Should Xbox Live be Free?

Getting your PS3 online costs nothing. Does Microsoft have a case? Two of Gameplayer's writers, Ben Talbot and Ryan King, bash heads over this crucial issue in this article.

"Well perhaps they could fund it with ads. Billboards in GTA would show real products; vending machines in Splinter Cell would promote real fruit-flavoured drinks; the adverts on F1 cars could carry ads for Bertie Beetles."

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Breakfast4713d ago

What kind stupid question is that? Everything should be free.

...Unless i own the company...

toughNAME4713d ago

maybe they should have reworded the title..

stunt2134713d ago

the best thing in life are free

chanto234713d ago

i think it shouldnt be free, but it shouldnt cost 60$ either...i think $19.99 is a nice annual fee that xbox live should impliment and PSN network should do it too so the PS3 can get an more organized online service (rank matches, match finder etc etc)

godofthunder104713d ago

i wish xbox live was free like the psn is but i'm willing to pay the monthly fee to keep it like it is instead of it being like the psn.the ps3 have some things going for it that's better then the 360 but online isn't one of them.the truth is that xbox live is a lot better then the psn.
i'll admit that the ps3 have things that better then the 360 but online isn't one of them.i know that the majority of ps3 fans will say that the psn is better then xbox live but just like the majority of 360 fans they are bias.

gamesR4fun4713d ago

ya id agree overall the live service provides more but the psn system has some pretty strong advantages and is closing the gap quickly.

le killer4713d ago

did'nt take so much commision from the developer if they added an on-line component to the game! i could be wrong though. anyway, you get what you pay for imo, and live is a great service. i've been a subscriber since 04, and have not worried about the price period.

and it seems to be that more games perform better, and have better functionality on live than they do on psn, making it appear the better service.

perhaps the question should be reversed, how long can/will sony keep the psn free?????

Shadow Flare4713d ago

If you compare Xbox Live to PSN, all you are paying for above psn is cross-game messaging and headset use and a common online interface throughout all games.

Xbox Live provides movie rentals yes. Does that come into the $50? No, because you pay again for the movie rentals. So you are just paying $50 to provide with the offerings so you can pay them more to view it.

$50 for online gameplay? No because psn does it for free. With dedicated servers. And no lag. And up to 60 players. Sorry live.

And yes, psn will be getting everything Live has, including an improved form of achievements, for free. And even more when Home is released.

Why does MS charge you $50 for online? Because they want your money.

And if you think Live needs a $50 charge, consider then, why did MS charge $50 for Live on Xbox 1? When all you had was a global buddy list, messaging and the ability to play online??? Think about what the PSN can do for free when you answer that.

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Breakfast4713d ago

Dont lie buddy, you know you want everything for free. :)

somethingSQUISHY4713d ago

... so what's with the comment about MS needing a server room the size of Sweden?

The advantages of XBL are not great enough to merit the relatively high annual cost. Where does the money go??

marionz4713d ago

should a phone line or internet connection be free? or how about texting, xbox live is a great service and for those who want it i think its fair they pay, just cos sonys is free doesnt mean ms should offer the same, it would be nice if it was free but i dont think it needs to be, its not even that expencive

toughNAME4713d ago


Breakfast4713d ago in the hell do you have 4 bubbles?

toughNAME4713d ago

If the bubble system worked like it's supposed to work, I'd have 1 bubble (or less)

But if there were any justice in this world...I'd have 10


IntelligentAj4713d ago

This is kind of flamebait, very funny comment though.

The Wood4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

MS thinks not and that's what matters.


lol @ toughNAME ^^^^^

The Wood4713d ago

not his bubble confession

Hagaf224713d ago

i really had to break up your 4 comments in a row,

but i havent purchased a 360 for multiple reasons, but this is one, psn my not be perfect but its great for how much i pay for it, i mean those who think paying for the service is how you have good connections to games then youre wrong, that service is in those who you pay 60 dollars to, ie ubisoft or activision. hints why psn isnt at fault for rb6v2's crappy connections they had, all that was ubis fault, psn was up and working fine, i dont see why ms still charges when they can see ps3 is catching up in all categories.