5 Great things About Xbox One

GamersBliss writes: "The Xbox One has caught some negative wind since its announcement. This negative attention has made a lot of hardcore gamer’s side with Sony’s PS4, even if they were previous Xbox 360 fans. In recent time the tables have stabilized and the console war has presented itself on more of a balanced state. We are fans of both console and will undoubtedly be purchasing both because as we see it both companies have gone above and beyond to try to make the console gaming experience a better experience."

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TheSuperior 1988d ago

After all those changes on the Xbox One i think that there is a pretty even running with the console wars. I am proud to say at some point or another i will purchase both... coming from the gamer that bought a Wii U on day one x) lol

Yi-Long1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

... don't really weigh up to all the bad stuff that was announced.

I loved my Xbox. I love my 360.

However, 4 years orso ago, MS decided to take the 360 into a direction that isn't a path I'm willing to follow. Kinect. Dashboard apps. And mostly greed and taking away consumer rights.

And they lost me.

The trust is gone. The love is gone.

Not saying I'll never buy an Xbox One. They might change direction again. They might win back trust. And love.

But for now, my first choice next-gen will be PS4.

Thefreeman0121988d ago

melodramatic much? you make it sound like you were in an abusive relationship with Microsoft...

DragonKnight1988d ago

@Thefreeman012: His core gamer interests were.

dark-hollow1988d ago

"Taking away consumer rights"

You mean like removing another OS feature?

Care to tell is what "rights" that has been taken from you by ms.

ziggurcat1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

"You mean like removing another OS feature? "

you're seriously still complaining about the loss of a pointless software feature?

a) no one used otherOS. sorry... less than 1% of the userbase (at the time it was still around) used it...

b) otherOS would still be there if a certain idiot (who had his *** handed to him in court) had left well enough alone.

darthv721988d ago

around the same time as kinect or shortly thereafter is when MS started making development on their next gen of titles?

Meaning that because they dont have the same studio relations as Sony, they essentially moved their core games over to the xb1 to be worked on while filling in the empty space on the 360 with kinect/3rd party games.

That really isnt that uncommon. nintendo did that with the onset of the SNES. Sega did that as well. When a platform is getting late in life is when we see more 3rd party games than 1st party. This is because there is a shift internally to push development on new games for an upcoming new platform.

Sony would be a good exception as they have plenty of content that is in development for the core gamer on their current platform while games are in development on their next platform. They can manage their resources better than any other company I can think of.

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GameReviewGuy1988d ago

I still am sticking with ps4 but will eventually pick up the Xbox One for exclusives like titanfall and deadrising 3

TheSuperior 1988d ago

I am so excited for Dead Rising 3. For some reason titanfall hasnt impressed me all that much. I think its because of my personal style of games though.

MysticStrummer1988d ago

Nothing wrong with that. Sticking with your own personal style of game is always better than following the herd, at least where your individual enjoyment is concerned.

Cmk01211988d ago

Titanfall will be going to ps4 as well, its a shoe in, every time they are asked about it they smirk and say were not at liberty to say right now.

ewstokes1988d ago

Also I can't see them not releasing dead rising 3 for ps4

andrewsqual1988d ago

They didn't release the first one but who cares. I haven't bought a game from Crapcom since the god awful RE5 over 4 years ago now.

ewstokes1988d ago

And they said Ps will have to wait for titanfall so it's a shoe in

Darth Gamer1988d ago

I will also be the proud owner of a XBOX ONE as well as a PS4 come this November. I could care less about fanboyism. Just show me the GAMES!!!! On another note, I will be getting Titanfall. Looks to be a fresh perspective on a genre that I've gotten very tired of lately. I know the core mechanics will be basically the same, but at least this is not the same ol Same ol COD rehash.

andrewsqual1988d ago

Let's see.
1 Bluray
2 Slot loading disc drive
3 Advertised as sitting on its side instead of vertically like the 360 when it was highly recommended to use the console on its side so it wouldn't scratch games.
4 ALL consoles come with a hard drive in mind for developers just like the Xbox 1, sorry the Xbox Classic.
5 Games install to the hard drive now.

So pretty much most things that make the PS3 shit to Xbots are the best parts of the Xbone.

stloony1988d ago

Sorry but here are the 5 greatest things about the Xbox One.

1. humor
2. less worries
3. more money in your pocket
4. popularity
5. love

If you would like further clarification, then keep reading:

1. The vast number of new internet memes from the new name of Xbox One.
2. With an Xbox One you will no longer have to worry about being spied on, you can be certain of it.
3. Not buying an Xbox One will save you $500.
4. You can be the cool kid by being the only one on the block to own an Xbox One.
5. The Xbox One will give you a reason to love Sony again.

Thanks Microsoft, you're awesome.

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