Book Review: 'The Final Day at Westfield Arcade' is an emotional trip

The Final Day at Westfield Arcade is a new fiction novel by Chicago author Andy Hunt. The focal point of the story is the character of Mike Mayberry, a successful college student who leaves school early to return to his hometown to be near his ailing grandfather. He takes a job at a shopping mall video arcade as the first big coin-op hits begin to catch on with the general public. Now, nearly two decades after he first walked into the place, the arcade enters it's final day of business, bringing Mike to reflect on the memories within those walls.

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CalvinKlein1934d ago

The arcade in my mall was closed long before Westfield came and bought the mall. Pretty much all my money at arcades went to shooting games like time crisis, house of the dead, virtual cop, silent scope or that jurassic park one that was awesome

I saw a commercial for dave and busters and the new arcade games they have are phone games, thas sad.

vgamer1171934d ago

agreed, my man, though fighting games were my preference. I still have every fatality from mk2 memorized