Xbox One: 5 Reasons To Buy It Over PS4

WC - As the eighth generation console war gets on its way, many people have been quite dismissive towards the Xbox One console. During its announcement, Microsoft outlined several controversial policies, restrictions and a whopping launch price of $499. Add to that the fact that the competition — Sony’s PS4 — will not only be free of these disadvantages, but will also launch at a cheaper price of $399, and you have your answer as to why many gamers including those of the Xbox community are staying clear of the Xbox One.

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DigitallyAfflicted1936d ago

Im sorry to say this but it won't work, the success of x360 was the low price.

Because 80% of us gamers are still buying games for our parents money :) easy choice kid you want video games you'll get those $100 cheeper.

Just watch PS4 Christmas sales and remember my words !!!

Those 5 Reasons are very weak, sorry M$ no meter how much you'll try, without lowering the price you wont win...

Urusernamesucks1936d ago

"The succes of the 360 was the low price"

Right that explains how its in 3rd place

shivvy241936d ago

ill probably buy it some years down but its PS4 4 me

cpayne931936d ago

Still it was a big improvement over the sales of the original xbox. And ps3 is barely ahead, a console doesnt have to be in first to be successful, it just has to sell well.

n4rc1936d ago

Get your facts from a unbiased site..

Ps3 is in 3rd.. Now all fanboys rush to vote this down like it actually changes the truth lol

DigitallyAfflicted1935d ago

Place dont meter im talking about the successes in real life, we measure that in lots of that $$$.

its nothing to do with fanboys too

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AngelicIceDiamond1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

@Digital is right, The low price is what kept the 360 competitive. No matter what casual and regular consumers look at price first and for most, usually before they consider looking at the differences in features. The X1's price isn't perfect nor is it a complete turn off. Like I said in the other post if you can afford to spend 600$ dollars on a new tablet or Phone every year then the X1 or PS4 should be a walk in a park.

I disagree the reasons aren't really weak. Some of them are reasonable or average reasons. The price isn't outrageous nor is it perfect, its expected.

DigitallyAfflicted1935d ago


I'm sorry you right different reasons for different people. Whats good for me don't have to be good for you :)

T21936d ago

Look its simple ... Lower price plus better specs equals dbl edged sword .. Xbone will have massive uphill battle

akira1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Xbox 180 got 5 weak reasons to buy their system..... while ps4 got 10 reasons...

1 better graphical capability/better specs
2 better exclusive games (not timed exclusive)
3 no shovelware (forcing videocams on our throat)
4 focused on gamers since day one (no 180 turn)
5 games can be played streaming through psvita.
6 ps4 almost half the size of xbox180
7 better look/design/probably more efficient too given their track record.
8 more advanced game controller.
9 ps4 more aerodynamic
10 best reason of all the PRICE/cheaper but better in a lot of ways!

reaperofsouls1936d ago

11 NO mandatory KINECT
12 Indie game friendly

gamer78041936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

dont' get me wrong i'm getting a ps4 too but....

1. this is debatable the xbox esram could alter the playing field, its too early to tell but looking hard at these specs i would bet there will be hard telling graphical differences this gen

2. matter of taste, xb1 had more games to show at e3, but subjective

3. shovelware? the only kinect game so far is a kinect sports and those aren't shovel ware

4. Agree with you here, they should have had their policies right, but atleast they made good on it.

5. Agree with you here, definitely a bonus

6. Size? Neither one will you fit in your pocket

7. Better looking? Subjective

8. More advanced game controller? XB1's has feedback triggers and IR, PS4 puts a big blue blob on your tv because of its light

9. Are you throwing your consoles? thats some rage quit.

10. Agree with you, cheaper, albeit no camera

n4rc1936d ago

Better exclusives? Name one..

More aerodynamic?? Are you **%$ing kidding me? You guys are really grasping at straws now lol

medman1934d ago

It's kinda funny because I can't think of even one reason.

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Automatic791936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

@Digitally Afflicted

You make some valid points about price. But If you really think about it parents or even consumer savvy shoppers are not going to want to spend 400 or 500 dollars this christmas when they have current gen systems at $179 and $249. The Xbox One does have some excellent selling points. For instance the exclusive lineup, Ryse, Deadrising, Forza 5, Project Spark, D4 and Titan Fall just to name a few. Xbox live gamer achievement improved, the smartglass and kinect now being able to load up your redeem codes, Snap, Skype, Game DVR, being able to upload your games to Twitch a gamers community. Switching from Xbox 360 to Xbox One with no additional cost. Cloud dedicated servers, HDMI In(I know I am going to get disagrees for this but the truth is I also watch tv and sports). Many of those features were pretty cool to me.

You should go with the system that caters to you. Both seem to have great architect and will play excellent games.

n4rc1935d ago

Same for me.. I'm getting sick of kids trying to tell the world what they want is what the core audience wants..

Some of us aren't spending our parents money and we like the features x1 provides.. HDMI is a huge selling feature and so is the kinect..

Liking PlayStation doesn't mean you have to hate Xbox.. Just like if these features aren't for you, then yeah.. Ps4 is a better choice perhaps..

Don't go around hating on those that choose to make their own choices

T21935d ago

all good posts here, if these are things you are into then sure by all means you should get one. Not sure what you mean by "switching from 360 to ONE at on add. cost" If that you mean no xbl fee then shouldn't that be a given?
For me it comes down to can I get one system that will cover all my needs and I think I can in Ps4 and for a cheaper than expected price. But this gen i have all 3 systems...

DigitallyAfflicted1935d ago


You right in many points there will lots of different reasons to buy older systems as well as some of them to buy latest one, in which case price will make a difference for some.

Most of us old gamers will buy this same system as our friends from current gen.

As long as x1 speaks to you and thats what you want, you making good choice :)

Mighty Boom1936d ago

I'm getting both.

Disagree me, now.

shivvy241936d ago

i disagreed cause u told me to , otherwise i would have agreed

MysticStrummer1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I disagreed because the little people who live under my stairs told me you will not get both.

In fact, in a bizarre reenactment of the origin of the console wars, you will buy a Mattel Intellivision off eBay and start making fun of people with Atari 2600s.

XboxDone1936d ago

I'll give you one reason to disregard this article and any other damage controlling ones to succeed it.
#1 PS4

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