5 Tips for Animal Crossing Beginners

IGN - Tempted to try New Leaf? We asked Animal Crossing's developers how to get the most out of the game at the very beginning.

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Xof1937d ago

Press X to pick stuff up.
Press A to do anything else.


TongkatAli1936d ago

Fish fish fish and then after that fish.

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Fullmetalevolust1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I didn't think I'd ever like a game like this is chore after chore...but I love it! Building my home and decorating and building new town projects, trading stuff with neighbors and paying them's non-sense! and I'm sadly addicted...I do think Tom nook should be renamed Tom Crook.
Ugh, in the vid the guy was hittin' the rocks with his shovel and got money bags, and I only get coins lol...ARGH!

V0LT1936d ago

May I suggest Style Savy

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