I Can Already Watch Live TV On Xbox 360 Without a Box

PlayStation Beat: With Microsoft placing a heavy emphasis on using the Xbox One for live television, one can’t help but to realize the Xbox 360 does it better.

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loulou3502d ago

insta approved for the boys.

i wonder how many people that visit n4g DONT visit it to read the same stuff just with different slants repeated over and over again??

it's like ground hog day on here now. except it is a plethora of no name blogs sites, writing the same rubbish daily for hits.

and no i aint mad bro, i have all the consoles and will do come november

TheHybrid3502d ago

100 percent correct. Crazy

malokevi3502d ago

This just in: here's my opinion. I put a bow on it, to make it seem less trivial.

Foxgod3502d ago

Wasnt it so that you only require a box, if you already use a box right now?
Aka tv without box doesnt need box on XB1.

Cmk01213502d ago

good points, its just time saving measure, but other than that no different than xbox 360 capabilities so far, just no need to switch inputs...MEH

OC_MurphysLaw3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Have you ever multitasked on the 360? How about loading one of the video apps? 360 may do some things like Xbox One can but its slow and very limited in terms of what it can do at the same time. Xbox One appears to improve on almost all of what the 360 does in major ways. Same can be said for the PS3...loading up Netflix.. switching out from Netflix to a game...its a SLOW process and limited in what it can do at the same time.

kreate3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Agreed. Xbox360 is slow. oh well.

famoussasjohn3502d ago

But with the Xbox One, you wouldn't have to go through the Fios app to watch my channels and such. I wouldn't say the 360 does it better, since the only way to watch TV is through an application. You also don't get all the channels through the application so it's kinda useless if you want to watch something on a certain channel but it's not available through the app.

theWB273502d ago

I can also already play video games on my PS3 and 360, listen to music and watch movies. What's my incentive to upgrade?

Oh that's right...people complain about options.

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The story is too old to be commented.