The Witcher 3 Preview: A Guy Called Geralt | PCGamesN

PCGamesN: "The Witcher has always been something of an awkward series, first struggling with translating what is, ultimately, a very Polish fantasy series for a worldwide audience. Then the second game fought against the western RPG tradition of 'do anything, be anyone' freedom with a strong and specific characterisation of the titular Witcher, Geralt.

However, the series absolutely has its fans (and not just for its tendency to include a lot more potential sexy times than a hero called 'Geralt' ever should), and it’s definitely these fans that CD Projekt Red are looking to thrill. The kind of fans that felt that Commander Shepard was just a bit too personalizable. Who--though they don’t want to be taken for a ride by Geralt--are more than happy for him to guide the steering wheel."

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