Livingstone questions Sony's European launch strategy

Eidos executive Ian Livingstone has told that Sony's decision to delay PS3 in Europe was "strange" - and that it will test the loyalty of consumers.

Speaking in an exclusive interview Livingstone said, "I think it was a strange decision, given that Europe has been the most successful market for PS1 and PS2. The decision is certainly going to test the resolve of their faithful consumers hitherto loyal to the brand.

"It means that Microsoft will have had the luxury of selling the 360 for two Christmases without competition from Sony - and let Nintendo's Wii in too. I'm sure Sony never planned it that way, but it does put them in a tight spot.

"Coming third to market with the most expensive console can't be a place they want to be," he added.

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Mr Pumblechook4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Livingstone is right when he says that it was strange for Sony to postpone the launch for their biggest market - although this is probably due to the complicated markets in Europe (although Microsoft did it!)

I know loads of people who have been waiting to get the ps3, but fed up at the prospect of having to wait are getting an xbox 360.
As for the Wii, its lower spec hardware means it will only be able to compete if it has enough unique first party games like Zelda or Mario. However conversions of PS3/360 games will make it look bad.

The 360 is a wonderful console but has seriously failed to capitalise on having the market to themselves. There are very few AAA console specific titles. Oblivion is great but RPGs dont sell to the masses.

Despite the hype by the online press. The public love and respect the Playstation here in Europe. Also, the wait means there is a very real perception by the general public that the Playstation 3 is a generation ahead of the 360!

It will do very well!

ChickeyCantor4474d ago

delaying was stupid.....i mean i know ppl who just got a xbox360 cozz they dont wanna w8 a nother 10 months

THAMMER14474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

I think people are smarter than (YOU) give them credit for.

Sidar Your a very truthful gamer. : ^)

ASSASSYN 36o4474d ago

Very little triple AAA games on Xbox if the PS3 has any at all!?


"launch strategy"