Microsoft Teases Windows 8 Apps On Xbox One, Says Devs Get A 'Head Start' By Building Now

The Verge: ''Microsoft's Build developers conference in San Francisco has mainly focused on Windows 8.1 so far, but the company spent a few minutes talking about the future Xbox One development platform on Thursday.''

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Mystogan1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Selfpublishing, confirmed.

Windows Store on Xbox One, confirmed. They showed the khan academy app running on Xbox One.

I think that's a good solution. Selfpublishing through the windows store while keeping the not-selfpublished and generally higher quality indie games in the Xbox Marketplace.

Windows Store on Xbox One would be very cool.

greenpowerz1934d ago Show
dedicatedtogamers1934d ago

You realize that there are other restrictions on Apps, right? Self-publishing apps on the Windows Store is a far cry from the sort of self-publishing that Nintendo and Sony have made available on their consoles.

This is like getting excited that PS Minis are coming to PS4...

theWB271934d ago

Always that person that downplays something for the sake of it. Regardless..if they're making the ecosystem that it looks like they're doing then this is just another step in making it come to fruition.

But just because it isn't what Sony and Nintendo is offering now, doesn't mean it can't grow into something bigger. There has to be a starting point.

I'm sorry, Im excited for this. I love for all my devices to be connected at all times. It's what Apple lovers are enjoying now. So if I can get my console involved(not a fan of Apple at all) with the current electronics I already enjoy..bring it on.

dark-hollow1934d ago

Of course there would be restrictions! You won't expect any developer under the sun can make whatever they want. Quality control. Same thing with apple store, steam etc.

PrimeGrime1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

No one is downplaying anything, some of you just don't seem to understand how the entire thing pans out. You seem to take what you want, instead of reading the entire article.

Then there is this which doesn't help at all here have a read of this also.

"One consequence of this redoubled interest in broad, interconnected offerings, we're told, is that digital quality assurance is of even greater importance. This poses obvious ramifications for the less salubrious residents of the Indie Games channel, which will shortly be merged alongside Xbox Live Arcade into the rest of the Marketplace - and thus, presumably, become subject to Microsoft's requirement that developers partner with a publisher in order to release games on its service."

Another thing is they are still quite vague on the matter, sure they are talking about it but as always they aren't giving any direct details or simply answering questions about indies on Xbox One. Instead it is always beating around the bush and that should tell you it isn't as great as it may appear even having this news.

I mean I question if you even read that entire article here simply because even there they are unclear. Hence the "Xbox app development still unclear" and all they said was this "The development platform is still unclear, but Microsoft did note it will support native apps on Xbox One alongside web versions."

I mean can they just spill the beans and stop beating around the damn bush already. I don't get how anyone can have faith in people who never give direct answers to anything.

As great as this is for people who will buy the Xbox One, they are still being vague and giving unclear answers which leads me to believe it won't be that great as they are trying to make it seem.. Just like they tried to make it seem like DRM was the future and made it seem like such a great thing yet they completely changed every stance they had on that, not including how they still were beating around the bush even then.

christocolus1934d ago

I just hope ms comes out plainly and announces something in support of indies. Cause it is sad see something they aggresively pushed and nurtured with the xbx 360 now take a back seat with the xbox one.some of these indies will become the big names tomorrow. So ms should be very careful the way they handle them.

Pascalini1934d ago

This is going to be great

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green1933d ago

This could be huge if done right.

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