Honesty Box E04: Doom 3 BFG Edition

This week Oli looks at Doom 3: The BFG Edition...

Topics discussed include the lack of newness, Open GL problems and lots of praise is sung in the way of Doom 3 in terms of when it first came out.

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Subby2031d ago

DOOM is what you see is what you get. Great gfx for 2004, solid linear shooter and it wasn't a short game like every singleplayer FPS these days.

Now Rage was a disappointment, and I expect they went back to the drawing board with Doom 4 after modelling it heavily on Rage tech and mechanics. I get the feeling if Doom 4 went ahead as originally intended it would make Doom 3 look like a classic gem.

maoleis2031d ago

RAGE was indeed a complete disappointment, and I completely agree re: Doom 4. But you could definitely argue that Doom 3 is already a classic gem in its own right. The BFG Edition just didn't seem to cut the mustard for me, sadly. Especially for a player who owns the original Doom trilogy collector's set and a copy of Doom 3.

militissanctus2031d ago

Didn't the president of id recently leave? That's bad news too.