Just How Good Do PS 3 Games Look?

If you'll recall, Microsoft had high hopes that Sony's first-generation games would look cruddy. Sony had given so little time to developers to work with the development kits that, the theory went, developers would not have enough time to make games. One developer I spoke with said that developing for the PS 3 is harder than for the Xbox 360. He said that everything came in late and many companies had harsh deadlines. Electronic Arts had nine months to do Fight Night Round 3 for the PS 3. The companies that are repurposing Xbox 360 games are having an easier time getting done for launch.

But the evidence we saw this week shows that the PS 3 games are looking good, even for first-generation games. Julian Eggebrecht, head of former Nintendo developer Factor 5, says that Sony really came through with the development kits. Kaz Hirai noted there are 10,000 dev kits seeded among developers now. By and large, the games I saw looked BETTER than Xbox 360 games. Not all were great. Not all were demonstrably better. Not all are worth the price difference of the consoles. But the developers seem to be doing well. Now we'll see how many of these 21 titles in the "launch window" actually show up for launch.

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OutLaw4468d ago

The game that makes the PS3 look more better than the 360 is Ridge Racer 7 compare to Ridge Racer 6?

Well let me go out and buy a PS3 now.

gsquad4468d ago

He compared launch games to launch games.

OutLaw4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

I'm more impressed by how many bubbles you have in such a short time.

specialguest4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

in my opinion, Ridge Racer 6 compared to Ridge Racer 7 is not fair at all. it's like comparing the old with the new, of course the new is going to be updated and improved on.

(PS. damn look at those bubble counts!-mod association)


i have play some of the PS3 games and i have to say they are pretty ... i mean ppl we have to be honest 360 games now ( november ) looks better since they have time to make them ... but they launch games for the PS3 looks way better then the 360 launch but i think in a year from now PS3 will be the best console... this is only my opinion

TheMART4468d ago

"Ridge Racer 7: Namco's title looks better than last year's Ridge Racer 6 for the Xbox 360. Last year's title seemed fake by comparison. "

How lame comparing is that? BTW RR always sucked. But well.

RR 6 was lame programming on the 360. Very lame.

But come on. RR7 as one of the main exclusives on PS3? Nice.

"Resistance: Fall of Man: I've already said this title is the must-have on the PS 3. It looks better than any shooter on a console so far. I'll have to get a good look at Gears of War to see which one really looks better. Gears of War offers the best chance for the 360 to match what a PS 3 title can do in terms of graphics."

A change of matching? whowhahahaha Resistance may hope they may stand in the shadow of Gears. Multiple sources have stated there is NOTHING out there next gen like Gears. Learn to live with it. Resistance is a COD3 rippoff with some aliens added. Looks nice but that's it.

"Call of Duty 3: This game looks just like the Call of Duty 2 game that debuted on the Xbox 360."

That's a nice thing to hear. Sources have also stated COD3 on 360 looks the best, probably ported to PS3 and end up with COD2 graphics. Nice guys

What's more to say. Blogging as a news source as forums suck.

Just read Epic forced MS to have 512 MB unified memory for Gears otherwise they couldn't get it where it is now. And that's why Gears of War is like nothing out there. Don't even mention UT2007 because those PC footage we haven't seen it on real PS3 source footage. And then still it won't make it compared to Gears.

The footage I saw of it DIDN'T look better then the games on 360. Sony, put the specs of the RSX out and get the demo's in the shops so we could see the truth

PS3alltheway4468d ago

ok GoW look good but they are console out there don't use graphics to attract ppl from buying games. for example PS2 its a last GEN eh but stil selling games stil kicking 360 butt way far.FXII,Bully,GOD of WAR 2 so on .
see bro its not all about graphics , its all about tactics sony has been doing . 10 years lifecycle for PS2 is a gud thing stil counting stil owning M's butt

Just read Epic forced MS to have 512 MB unified memory for Gears otherwise they couldn't get it where it is now. And that's why Gears of War is like nothing out there. Don't even mention UT2007
lol they already use all 512mb n it only have 4v4 . so this is 360 last breath to come up with 4v4 with pretty graphics?
its not all about graphics ,
if you know what im talking about then you know MOTORSTORM

kmis874468d ago

I wouldn't say that Gears has better graphics than Resistance. Resistance has better particle effects and draw distance, whilst Gears has much nicer character models. Many things go into "graphics" and Gears is definitely not the best at doing all of them.

Evoluti0n4468d ago

You all do realize that dev's making games for the PS3, had EXTRA time to work on them, right? Remember the PS3 was delayed, until November, a fair comparison would be to compare COD3, or another multi-platform title, coming up....

ThaTeflonDon4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

You know how long I wanted to say that? You're the first person I've seen said that. Just think about it. Xbox 360 game dev's only had a few months to make games. While if you really look at it, PS3 has had almost a whole year to make their launch games! And some of them are still not ready ...hmmm

Tut4468d ago

Technically that is a half-truth because of the actual release date of the final dev kits.

I am not here to argue, merely point out facts you might have overlooked.

Jak4ever4468d ago

It seems that the Ps3 is really starting to come together now. Sony seems to have struck a positive and anticipatory cord and Multiple sources have now confirmed that the Ps3 is going to be the better value (of the three next gen consoles) when all is said and done

NOTE: I said better VALUE, dont start with the flame wars.

I must admit though, im having a hard time deciding if i will sell my Xbox 360 or keep both the 360 and The Ps3.

It seems that Sony will once again dominate buy a significant margin.

big_tim4468d ago

This way you won't need to worry about these flamers and the stupid war. You can kick back and enjoy all the excellent titles from both side.