Could Jack Thompson Be jailed Over "Bully" Case?

GamePolitics has confirmed that lawyers representing Take-Two Interactive, publisher of Bully, are seeking to have Jack Thompson declared in contempt of court.

Although we haven't yet seen the motion, the request would appear to relate to Thompson's angry comments in the wake of Miami District Court Judge Ronald Friedman's refusal to block sales of Bully.

In a worst-case scenario for Thompson, the outspoken attorney could be jailed by Judge Friedman if he were ruled in contempt.

However, a knowledgeable legal source has told GamePolitics that options such as fines, judicial admonishment or censure are more likely.

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BlackCountryBob4469d ago

Oh please judge, send big mouth moral guardian Jack to the big house, think how much time and money it will save in the long run after he can no longer claim to be morally perfect after he is a jail bird! Dont drop the soap Jack :)

LegendaryMark4469d ago

If there's one thing guaranteed to get everyone on this site agreeing, it's Jack Thompson.

'Nuff said.

Krimson4469d ago

Honestly, I think this guy alone has caused more $$$ in damage to the video game industry then software piracy.

Watapata4468d ago

This guy is a complete and total idiot, one of the worst things to happen to the US in quite a while. A perfect example of whats wrong with the US actually. Any politician that aligns themselves with this guy will never get my vote...