New Videos of Resident Evil 4 Classic Edition? Or April Fool Joke?

That is what Resident Evil 5 is for. No plans for RE4 on 360 or PS3 at this time. - Christian Svensson, Capcom Entertainment Inc. - Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development.

Sketchy details emerged early last week about the possibility of yet another version of Resident Evil 4 being readied for the marketplace. Following the success of the game on the GameCube, PlayStation 2, PC and Wii, if the source was to be believed then there is yet another iteration in the works for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, called 'Resident Evil 4: Classic Edition'. But is this truth or nothing more than an elaborate April Fools' joke?

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SuperSaiyan43880d ago

I hope so!! Res Evil 4 is a fantastic game I played on the Wii 10/10 superb in gameplay just amazing!

sonarus3880d ago

this is probably legit. i wonder if they will try to add in online

Breakfast3880d ago

I hate this time of dont know whats real and whats fake

RecSpec3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Confirmed on the guys website

pwnsause3880d ago

its real, its using the classic RE camera. and it has a 2008 trademark.

NovusTerminus3880d ago

Dont forget though. RE4 came out on PC. This could be a hack...

But the 08 trade mark and classic camera are pointing towards true.
Also on a side note. When Hunk picked up the item in the video it had the GC's A button pop up... This is prolly a hack...

pwnsause3880d ago

its a green a button, its defenity a xbox 360 controller being used.

Charlie26883880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

sorry pwnsause to ruin it to you but you know there is a mod for both PC and GC version to change the buttons to Xbox ones? I mean its in the same thread as the videos were posted same as how the youtube account of the guy posting was FULL with tutorials on how to replace character textures in the game among others

look familiar? and whet I dont see a "RE Classic Edition" next to it?

pwnsause3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

is there a mod to change the camera to classic view, i dont think so, plus the PC version doesnt have a menu like that. plus you can TM that without permission, they would get sued then.

Charlie26883880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Dude WHAT classic camera? have you ever played a RE title before to know what the RE classic camera looks like? (are you quoting the hoax guy when he randomly said that VERY later on the thread? after being question oh WTF those "classic Edition" has to do with anything) I think you should look around the site I gave you to find just how much of the PC and GC version you can change...and no I don't see no one suing no one or calling it the secret "Classic Edition"

and to add even more to it this guy has already attempted to this but before it was the "ZOMG the secret game I found in the beta version of RE4"

that and the fact tha his youtube account has modding tutorials for RE4 sort of gives him away...

but hey if you are one of those people that WANT to believe (like the people getting angry in the website the more evidence it was posted it was fake) my guest this hoax (like this guys last years hoax around this same date) wouldn't work with out people that want to believe regardless of the evidence presented

but if you are not one of those person just read the thread see how much the guy tripped over his lies and evaded questions or changed the subject when faced with evidence including the fact that he has already done this before

MikeE212863880d ago

Definitely's a green Gamecube button that pops up. This is totally fake.

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SuperSaiyan43880d ago

Capcom have made some pretty decent games far better than EA have churned out in the last few years thats for sure, when is the last time anyone ran around saying WOW check out this awesome EA game? Never.

Now say Res Evil 4, Dead Rising, Lost Planet (360 version) and you raise a few eyebrows in interest especially in the Res Evil 4 game.

Capcom could make a ton of money with a re-release for the 360 I know I would definently buy it and play it over!

LeonSKennedy4Life3880d ago

Because Lost Planet wasn't that good.

The PS3 version was the SAME GAME, but with added content. What the heck is wrong with you?


ElementX3880d ago

Lost Planet was a good game. I bought it used a while after it came out. I paid $30 for it and got my money's worth.

NovusTerminus3880d ago

Well then. I hope we can not bury this rumor fast. Is a mod. Lefts move on.

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