ME Gamers: Need for Speed ProStreet Review

ME Gamers writes: "Need For Speed the EA's yearly driving title has landed on almost every running game platform available these days. Now the Playstation Portable version -although with a little delay than the others- is here for all the racing fans on the move. While other console owners and fans of the series can close their eyes on the shortcomings of their console versions, the PSP's game is so full of these problems that make it hard to ignore.

The game is a straight-forward racing game. You are limited to a few gaming options and the focus is mainly on quick races. Although there is a carrier mode present in the game, you will not find anything special in it more than simple racing events. You can choose your car from a list of 32 cars and while the variety of the cars is welcome, the lack of any special factor in them is a letdown. The only noticeable difference between the cars is in their handling, and not hard to guess, the more expensive the car the easier it gets to control. In the flow of the game you will unlock more cars to purchase and continue your carrier with them. While other platform versions are focused on customizing your car and adding extra features to your ride, here you will not put a lot of time on those enhancements."

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