PS3 shipment figures in doubt

Production issues continue to plague Sony, as the firm admits that it may not be able to meet its intended shipment figures for the PlayStation 3.
The format holder has previously promised two million units of its new home console on retail shelves in the US and Japan by the end of 2006, but recent comments from Jack Tretton, co-chairman of SCEA have cast doubt over the firms ability to deliver.
Speaking of the shipment figures to Bloomberg, Tretton stated, "The honest answer is it's more of a target."
"Clearly we've had production issues," said Tretton, referring to the manufacturing difficulties Sony has encountered with elements of the Blu-Ray drive in the PlayStation 3.

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CG4468d ago

This is not good news for europe, the chances of the ps3 launching march 07 in europe is becoming more and more unlikley each day.
Things are just not happening for sony right now! ah well...

2tired2day2hate4468d ago

but if the launch systems are defective that could hurt them bad. with the 360, i had a problem with mine and it was fixed for free in 4 days. if sony can do that than it'd stop the bleeding. still, paying that much for a system and having it freeze/overheat would be awful.

DC RID3R4468d ago

have you seen the president of SONY lately???

what he knows about computer technology, you could fit on the back of a postage stamp!!!!


every single day, sony is pissing away money like a girl with serious water retention problems!!!!

sony need to take a few more business classes an ish!!!!

is it me?? or are sony fukd up the A???


slugg4468d ago

Is that Sony's launch will make the 360's look like a shining example of a marketing masterpiece, which it really wasn't, of course. It's almost like Sony is so worried about being "behind" Microsoft in anything that they copied EVERYTHING from MS and the 360 they could - 2 sku's, xbox live, xbox live arcade, global launch, etc. If they would have never said they'd launch in Europe until March 07, no one would accuse them of "betraying" europe. Sony should have learned from the production struggles that MS had, etc. But the real factor that will cause delays in availability of PS3's is the included blu-ray drive. Sony has admitted the blu-ray laser diodes are their biggest (but I guarantee you not the only) production problem. Forcing blu-ray on GAMERS is, has, and will hurt Sony for a long time...

Funky Town_TX4468d ago

Hell I don't think they should launch untill spring 07 worldwide. I just looks like Sony is not ready and they are rushing the console.

calderra4467d ago

Raw number from the field: My local Gamestops are reporting how badly this is going to bomb in numbers. These numbers should hold true for a lot of areas...

-Gamestop I used to work at got 18 Xbox 360s at launch (I was working the launch, in fact). That same Gamestop reserved 8 PS3s.
-A larger Gamestop in the area (where my girlfriend works) had about 30 360s at launch. They pre-ordered 16 PS3s.

Both stores are basically demanding armed guards for the PS3 launch. It's gonna be a massacre.

PS3n3604467d ago

Sony never intended to launch they only strung people along to try and prevent them from buying a 360. Well its just a month or two more I can wait. on and on and on. millions of people have been playing in the next gen for a year now. Sony says next gen doesnt start till they say so? more like next gen doesnt end untill they launch.

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