PS3 DRM: Downloads support five systems

Games bought through the PlayStation Store will be able to run on five-or-fewer systems. The important application for the five-or-less rule is that you can log in to the PlayStation Store at a friend's house and re-download a game for free.

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InMyOpinion4473d ago

And they will cost? Six times what you pay for an XBLA-game?

lalaland4472d ago

Sony's price policy is online content for less than $14.99 -- the exact same as for XBL!

Just as with boxed games, Sony is comitted to price PS3 software competitively compared to X360.


if it cost that much .. dont buy it .. keep playing wit ur XBLA ...

BIadestarX4473d ago

I'm a bit confused about this. Are games married to an account? Or this simply means that you can only download the game/content (5) times? How do they know when you downloaded multiple times on the same box? Do they keep track of serial numbers (i.e. the way microsoft does with windows xp?) Does this mean I can buy it and then give it freely to 4 for my friends, while I will be able to download it anytime I want in the future for my current box if I change my HD? To many questions unanswer. Can't wait for Nov.

kmis874473d ago

How are you people possibly spinning this as something negative? And what's with these people complaining about costs? All games are under $15, and a few of the announced ones are only $5 I think. That's an even lower number if you're going to be sharing the games like this says you can. God, do you people just make up negative things when there aren't any?

LiquifiedArt4473d ago

You people are idiots. your worst then CNN with spinning news

D R Fz4473d ago

No matter how good the ps3 news, xbox fans are constantly posting negative views.

zypher4473d ago

thats EXACTLY what makes them fanboys. they consider the PS3 as competition (go figure); thus whenever it has something worthwhile that the 360 doesn't, they jump on the defensive. its like i've always said; PS3 is only competition to Microsoft and Nintendo: 360 is only competition to Sony and Nintendo: Wii is only competition to Sony and Microsoft. however, PS3, 360 and Wii should be products we are ALL interested gamers. if one offers something the others don't have, then that can only be good news for true, unbiased gamers.

HiSpeedSoldier614472d ago

Just like how the 360 geeks talked trash about sony including a free blu-ray film with the initial PS3 shipments.

just like how they defamed sony for including HDMI support in the lower-end model.

and just like how they ran their mouths when sony finally revealed the details about the PS3s network, after they wouldn't shut up about sony keeping quiet for so long.

All those gaming nerds are just so freaking pathetic; thats why I enjoyed smacking them upside the head in high school. They should go hit the gym or find a real woman to set them straight.

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Retard4473d ago

They have no final prices on anything AS THEY STATED...

You guys are neo-nazi microsoft zealots, I have XBL(a) and I don't think this is bad to split it 5 ways.

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