Boy on boy kissing in Bully

Bully hero Jimmy Hopkins is bisexual, or just experimenting, based on videos starting to surface. Looks like the controversy about Bully was a bit premature, as Hopkins obviously prefers to make love, not war. This is not "Hot Coffee" by any stretch of the imagination -- just kids kissing.

Now before everybody goes crazy, depending on your moral sensibilities, there are two videos after the break. Gamebrink's version is quick like a band-aid, with one smooch session. Of course, GayGamer's version has Jimmy going back for seconds -- nope, thirds -- wait, fourths.

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homosexual stuff ... how far have we go now ...

ElementX4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

As a gaymer :) I don't see any problem with it where appropriate. Having characters kiss to get some sort of media coverage isn't a good idea.

BIadestarX4471d ago

I think some game developers are going to far. The next thing we will see games showing some kid playing with his genitals or having doing something with animals, just because for some these is just natural. We all know that what used to be wrong now is right, and that we all have to try to live among people that do things we do not approve. But I think all sides should be respected, the same way it wouldn't be right to make a game where homosexual are beaten (which some may find fun) how about not adding content on a game that the mayority do not approve. This is a game I wouldn't get even if free.

InMyOpinion4471d ago

George Bush would NEVER play this! That's why i like it lol! I think it's cool when developers add controversial touches. The question is if homosexuality, in games or not, should even be considered as controversial. If you're not a right wing facist I think it should'nt. One of the characters in Enchanted Arms is fab 5-like homosexual, it seems like that's ok as long as he does'nt kiss anyone, or?

scriptkiddie4471d ago

He is from a communist country. So he likes big government running his life.

InMyOpinion4471d ago

Speak for yourself, Sweden is a democracy. You're the one that has a government who scares you until you believe everyones a terrorist.

USMChardcharger4471d ago

you always have to say something about the U.S. and our president don't you.

where are you from exactly, so we can say things about your culture and other stuff that generally has nothing to do with us.

btw, you bet he won't be playing this...including a lot of people.

anyways, where are the Preist in the game? this is a private school and these are KIDS...a little too much imo.

InMyOpinion4471d ago

I'm from Sweden, i think you refer to it as Switzerland. Everyone here is naked, named Inga and eats meatballs every day.

Darth Gamer4471d ago

That's actually pretty funny

kmis874471d ago

Could you PLEASE change your avatar. Gacy scares the hell out of me.

USMChardcharger4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

well your chicks are hot so...guess i have nothing to say, damn. lol

since we both like it here...will you please lay off the bush and U.S. jokes. i would appreciate that. And i agree with kmis87...what is with the clown?

InMyOpinion4471d ago

Sure, no more political jokes.

USMChardcharger4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

thanks man. that is cool of you to do so.

even though 6 mins later you fire right back on comment 3.2. but i take that was just a come back on 3.1. so...starting now no more, right.

kmis874471d ago

That "clown" is John Wayne Gacy, notorious serial killer. He raped and murdered about 30 teenage boys and hid the bodies in a crawlspace in his house. Creepy

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