Epic fought for an Xbox 360 with 512MB memory

The newest blogcast from Major Nelson, reviels that Epic fought for an Xbox 360 with 512MB memory. Microsoft first wanted an Xbox 360 with 256MB memory, Epic called Microsoft and showed them Gears of War with only 256MB memory.

Then Microsoft announced the final hardware, with 512MB memory. Epic then became the first developer that had to work with the final Xbox 360 hardware. Later that day, Microsoft's 'Chief Financial Officer' called Epic and said: "You guys just costed me $1 billion", and Epic's Mark Rein responded with: "No, we just did 1 billion gamers a favor".

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rj814470d ago

The 360 would have been dead in the water with only 256mb!

gnothe14470d ago

does that mean that the PS3 is dead in the water!!!

TheXgamerLive4470d ago

Gaming is getting better this holiday w/the release of Gears of War. I'm personally though, incredibly in love w/Splinter Cell 4 at this time.

Deceased4470d ago

The PS3 has 256mb system memory and 256mb video memory, 360 of 512mb unified which means the 360 can use more ram for video than the ps3.

Watapata4470d ago

Both the Cell and RSX have access to all 512 MB of RAM in the PS3 as each can access the other's memory...

Thugbot1874469d ago

Whatapata you’re wrong on the 512mb for each processor. It’s 512k for each cell processor and yes they can use each but even so it’s no where near 512mb for each processor, and that’s only L2 cache not system memory.

dantesparda4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

No, doinkberg! it can use all 512MBs (256 system & 256 video). And its funny cuz on a computer, a "unified memory architecture" usually sucks big time, because usually the graphics chip has to rely on system RAM (which is alot slower than GDDR (or GDDR2 & 3) RAM. But luckily MS used GDDR3 RAM for that unified architecture which runs at 700MHZ (or 1400MHZ DDR), but it runs on a 128-bit bus (which is really pathetic in my opinion). I personally would not touch a 128-bit graphics card on a PC.

Watapata4469d ago are referring to cache, not system RAM, both the Cell and RSX have their own dedicated 512 MB of RAM, but each can access the others...

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SPAWN4470d ago

Thanx Mike! The 512mb of ram is really gonna come in handy in the near future!

THAMMER14470d ago

System memory is what will make the games better not disk capacity. The best I've seen is a PC custom build w/1 gig of ram and a $600.00 ATI gpu and addition 512 gddr buffer or some thing like that. Oblivion ran like water on that thing. The 360 is a beast at 512mb.

Deceased4470d ago

I knew the extra VRAM would make a difference, now let the flaming begin! Because you know what console has 256mb of VRAM! Everyone know this game couldn't run on it, it would bring it to it's knees in agony, probably overheat and burn my burgers! 360>PS3

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