Review: Company of Heroes 2 (DarkZero)

"World War 2 is back! And you know what? I kind of missed it. It’s an era that most gamers grew tired of – it was pushed down our throats, similar to how the modern military setting has ruled this generation.  It’s been almost seven years since gamers got the chance to boot up Company of Heroes and test their mentality as a general and command troops to successfully overthrow the Germans in the Battle of Normandy and the liberation of France. Company of Heroes was a brilliant entry in the real-time strategy (RTS) genre; some would argue one of the best to this day. The game showcased Relic’s mastery when it comes to RTS games - with their intelligent design and superb gameplay mechanics that didn't follow the norm for RTS games. Company of Heroes 2 is here and it captures everything that made the first game fantastic, but my time spent with the sequel feels all too familiar and lacks any revolutionary features this time around."

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