Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 & Pikmin 3 Impressions Nintendo were kind enough to invite us to their post E3 event in London for anyone who couldn’t be bothered to attend E3, basically us. Well technically the opportunity WAS there but E3 just isn’t as much fun as you’d think, it’s a huge clusterf**k and anyone hoping to report back on all the games featured is kind of screwed.

Nintendo’s post E3 event in London was AWESOME, it was a million times better than E3 as the number of visitors invited was kept to a minimum. They didn’t have any annoying loud music playing in the background, the lighting wasn’t pitch black and I could actually see where I was going but best of all, very small waiting times to check out all the games.

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BATRA1938d ago

yeah these are good games but they need something else to make wii u a very good console all readly said this that the gamepad needs rts games,mmo and rpg,tower defense games,shooting games,fps,third person shooting games and this will help nintendo out how rts game like starcraft look like games and fps games like matroid prime 4 would have be very good to have on the wii u a new third person shooting game like jet force genimi game on the wii u

_QQ_1938d ago

These game are some of the reasons why the wiiu is a very good console, they represent the variety and creativity Nintendo is known for, Notice not one is a Shooter.Pikmin is an RTS, I'm a huge RTS fan mostly Starcraft, but Pikmin 3 looks like a must have RTS to me, I'm a diamond league SC2 player so i know what i'm talking about ;D.

BATRA1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

thats true but it dose not hart for them to come out also battlion wars 3 is a good rts game nintendo needs to bring this game out its a true rts game

Trago13371938d ago

I wonder how Nintendo plan on Marketing these games, as this is supposed to be a system for "everyone".

FreshRevenge1938d ago

I have the first game on PS3. I hate the fact that this has become exclusive to one console. I actually like the first one. Hopefully it will become multiplatform at some point?

Neonridr1938d ago

It could down the road, but highly unlikely considering Nintendo paid to have this game made...

very doubtful Platinum would backstab Nintendo and then release this on other consoles.

Maybe there is a length of time that it's exclusive, who knows.

All I know is I am definitely playing this on my Wii U.