Xbox One controller internals, images provide a look inside

Looks like the internals of the Xbox One controller have been leaked, take a look

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project_pat361987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )


Couldn't have said better.

looks just as ugly as the original Xbox's gorilla controller

Foxgod1987d ago

Nothing wrong with battery's.
The ps4 controller also contains battery's, rechargable ones that is.
And you have to screw it open when the battery's break down.

Master-H1987d ago

Foxgod i never witnessed or heard from my ps3 buddies of a Daulshock 3 battery breakdown, they are built to last son, the xbox controller however needs AA batteries every couple days , unless you fork over money to MS for the rechargeable one , instead of including it in the controller from the start they make you pay extra for the damn battery, GREED.

Squall50051987d ago

Even my TV remote doesn't use batteries.

Foxgod1987d ago

Does it matter, it still has battery's, so people should stop using the battery argument.

Also, you can use standard rechargable battery's in the controller, so you dont need to pay MS extra.

Drekken1987d ago

Foxgod, I really dislike you and all of your WRONG opinions. How can you defend having to buy batteries? And yes, it is BATTERIES not Battery's.

InsaneGam3r1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

How can I turn it on without batteries?

looooool, fucking lol

UnHoly_One1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I'll never understand this whole "battery pack" thing being taken as a negative. I like it better than the built in batteries of the DualShock, myself.

Yes, I had to buy separate battery packs, but I get added convenience and they last longer, so I'm happy and I'd say money well spent.

I have a charger that charges two packs at once, when the one I'm using gets low, I swap out and I'm good to go for 50 or 60 more hours.

My PS3 controller runs low, and I have to switch to a different controller (or tether myself to the console). Not to mention I only get MAYBE 10 hours out of a fully charged DualShock.

NukaCola1987d ago

Foxgod you need trolls anonymous like its going out of style. 90% of any high tech device uses internal rechargeable batteries. MS yet again made a poor design choice and you're scrapping the bottom of the barrel looking for reasons to justify how using standalone batteries trumps a high performance internal one. All those individual rumbles that make your controller so nextgen are going to eat duracells like candy.

nukeitall1986d ago

Using regular batteries is one of the controllers best features, because you get the option of picking the batteries you want.

On top of that, you don't have to sit with a cord attached to your controller like it was 1999, when the batteries go out.

On Xbox 360 and Xbox Xbox One, you pop in a new set of freshly charged batteries and go on like nothing happened!

Want that 1999 experience, buy an overpriced battery pack!

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dark-hollow1987d ago

HOW DARE you praise something ms relegated!!?

CandyCaptain1987d ago

Funnily enough, this does confirm units are actually in production now considering where these shots came from.

project_pat361987d ago

I would certainly expect them not taking the extra time to solidify and finalize their "next-gen" console.. I would wait a bit longer personally.. Just so I could be about 34% sure it wasn't going to RROD-error

GameCents1987d ago

Perfection dissected. Cannot wait to get my mitts on that thing.

1987d ago
Gamingcapacity1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I'm not sure about these images. The xyab buttons don't look as good as the official pictures (triple injected molded buttons) we have already seen.

The insides also look a bit cheap. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a 360 controller made to look like the Xbox One controller by some random chinese factory.

supaflypriest1987d ago

Master h - my ds3's battery went out and needed to be replaced. Much harder to replace than 2 AA's. Btw I have two sets of rechargeable batteries for my 360 and they last about 2 weeks before needing to be changed...

slazer1011987d ago

I'm curious to know if the new controller takes more batteries now because of the extra rumble they added. On your two weeks comment. It all depends on how much a person plays actually. Not trying to argue with you just saying. also I have had to open my ps3 controller while it does take more time than adding regular batteries it is not really difficult to do and the battery failing is not something that happens all the time. I really do not know why people can actually compare the two.

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