PlayStation Network: The Plus Side

Now that you have to pay to play online multiplayer on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, does it really matter which console you choose? MWEB GameZone makes the argument that in the choice between Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, Sony may just be handing out the more compelling offering.

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airgangstarr1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

i think one way the could do backwards comp is to make the games they give away each month ps3 games an titles people actually wanna play could solve somebc issues jus a idea .. but my biggest problem with ps3 was the network u couldnt send voice messages in game u couldnt private chat or party chat most of the games u played had a join the friend in game u couldnt make a party of friends an launch into a game im sure they probably fixed some of these i havent played ps3 since socom 4 but if they didnt is a couple of games a month worth everything the network lacks?

im not bein a hater of sony at all i have on preordered its jus some of the issues i had with ps3 bein that there charging now i expect more then a free game or two it needs to be worth paying for

fattyuk1987d ago

Ps plus for the fricking games!

We're even gonna get ps4 games.

Can't see gold delivering any Xbox one games for your subscription at launch.....

faysal1987d ago

the free games promo for xbox gold will end as soon as xbox one launches lol what a joke... "As a gesture of thanks to the millions of Xbox fans around the world for their passion and loyalty, Xbox announced that every Xbox Live Gold subscriber will receive two free Xbox 360 games per month until the release of Xbox One."

here's the link from microsoft:

alexmurur1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

The free ps3 games cannot be played on ps4 if im not wrong so if you have a ps4 only, you cant play these games even if they are free so you gotta buy a ps3 and thats not really worth it.. my ps3 broke so i can only play a game or two for free when ps4 comes out.. so.. i hoped they somehow include ps3 BC in ps4.. not so soon i guess.. probably when 'cloud gaming' kicks off.. and then you still need online constant since all the gameplay would be online.. and then you gotta pay for it online.. so online only and drm is actually where both sony and microsoft are going.. well.. i hope they dont stop disc based games anytime i dont want to get stuck playing laggy games on a great system and amazing service because of my internet.. Nor i really want 2d indie games for free.. outlast is cool secret ponchos is cool not really the retro ones..
Oh BTW ps4 list of free games was of a year not launch..

DivineAssault 1987d ago

PS Plus is a much better value than xblg.. M$ may have more servers but Sony offers so much more for your money.. Its not even debatable.. I will never pay for xblg.. Hell, i doubt ill ever get another xbox console again.. If i see some bad ass exclusives come out for it maybe but i can get everything i need on PS