Weekly Japanese Chart Analysis

Dispelling the myth that Western games can't be successful in Japan - The Last of Us claims the top sport selling though 88% of it's initial shipment. Rice Digital takes a closer look at this weeks charts.

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DaveyB1940d ago

I think it's interesting that this game has done so well in Japan - as I wouldn't have immediately identified it as the kind of game that would be enjoyed there.

Or maybe, they're so sikc of seeing Resident Evil go down hill, that they've turned to a better example of Survival Horror! :)

GenericNameHere1940d ago

Haha Kojima's probably like "I riked it"
*if you don't get it, Kojima once said "Did you rike it?" in an interview, and he loved what Naughty Dog did with TLOU last year at E3

It's awesome that the Japanese market is taking notice of the game though! Naughty Dog definitely deserve all the appreciation and praise and love and sales they are getting right now. Definitely one of the best developers ever, and also definitely Sony's #1 dev team this gen and hopefully next gen too. Finished the game 3 times (started on Normal, then Survivor, then Survivor+), and now halfway through my 4th playthrough on Easy+ to get the remaining 2 story trophies (max out all weapon upgrades, and "I wanna talk about it"). I'm now on Week 11, Day 6 on my Fireflies Journey (I'm slow, I know), and hope to also complete the Hunter Journey. Easily put in around 57 hours so far, story and online hours combined. Probably the most I've put in a game since Persona 4 Golden (around 200 hours) last year.

PS knowing TLOU took the first place charts for 3 weeks in a row in the UK, and now Japan... What about US charts? Is it still in first place? How much copies worldwide has the game sold so far?