On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Mario: How The Ouya Underscores Nintendo's Classic Game Problem

Is Nintendo losing to the Ouya’s easily emulated classic video games, or is it losing to itself?

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Adolph Fitler1937d ago

I'm gonna look into buying an Ouya, in this case. Maybe it's strong point is ripping off old classic games from Sega, Nintendo, Sony, 3D0, Atari, Neo Geo, etc, etc.

linkenski1937d ago

I would love to have an Ouya if it meant being able to play everything up to N64 games perfectly, as the oldest console i have myself is a Gamecube, but that isn't currently the case. The SNES emulators have significant input lag on the Ouya and there aren't any emulators that emulate all games perfectly for N64.