Aussie retailers neglect Wii U in favour of next gen hardware

Nintendo's Wii U is struggling so much that games retailer EB Games has bumped it from its website's homepage, favouring next gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 along with current gen hardware.

While Microsoft and Sony gaming devices dominate prominent placement on the site, the Wii U has even been bumped by PC, a platform that relies almost exclusively on digital sales. Wii U on the other hand needs retailers like EB Games, as its digital foothold isn't strong enough to entice gamers to download games through the console's online store.

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Ninte1937d ago

Yep I think NZ retailers have gone that way too with dicksmith sold them of very cheap but i don't care. I'm happy with my wii u and it's about the games i like to play that interest me first then the hardware.

s45gr321937d ago

Okay ummm what games are you playing on the wii u.

dan_chan891937d ago

I don't blame them, there isnt really anything on the wii u that entices me.

ala_7671937d ago

Why Nintendo isnt going for a best graphics console? Wii graphics sucked and WiiU graphics isnt even better than PS360

Trunkz Jr1937d ago

It's more like between PS360 and PS4one ~ a little head of old but more so behind current. That doesn't make it a bad console, you could have come back from the future with a PS5 but it means nothing but if it doesn't have the games. Like many others I'll be doing the WiiU/PS4 Combo.

Bathyj1937d ago

there's no such thing as a PlayStation that doesn't have the games.

not counting vita of course.

Skate-AK1937d ago

I just checked and Wii U is there. Between 3DS and PC.

shivvy241937d ago

i actually checked it while the article was being approved and it wasnt there , it still isnt

Skate-AK1937d ago

Ohhh I see. I didn't go to the au one.

Ol_G1937d ago

well i scrolled down and can still see wii u premium package .
Isn't this just flame bait

Grimhammer001937d ago

We'll look back at wiiu many years from now and wonder if Sega had of went all handhelds too.


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The story is too old to be commented.