Siegecraft TD Review [Capsule Computers]

Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "The iOS has always been a platform where polished touch controls are the main factor that either hold a game back from reaching its potential, or provide innovative mechanics that let it excel. Platformers, action titles, and shooters normally fall flat due to the awkward virtual joystick, but if one genre was meant for your handheld device – it is tower defense. Crescent Moon Games have brought us the latest and greatest for the service – dubbed Siegecraft TD, where you as the player have to protect your sheep from hordes of angry lizards. With a bit of comedy and light-hearted effects tossed in, does this defender win, or is it one title on the marketplace that never gains its footing out of the castle"

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masterabbott1989d ago

not a bad game its nothing special though compared to other tower defense games.

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nato251989d ago

Nice review, kind of over the tower defense genre but this one looks alright

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