Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets a Batch of Lovely Character Illustrations by Akihiko Yoshida

Another beta weekend of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has ended, and fans on Twitter and on the official forums are already having withdrawals, but in order to help Square Enix released a batch of character art by Lead Character Designer Akihiko Yoshida.

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Pisque1937d ago

I don't know why, but this game REALLY doesn't appeal to me...

Lord_Sloth1937d ago

I'm enjoying the beta so far but not liking the monthly fees that will be on the other end of the game's release...

Reibooi1937d ago

Personally I think the monthly fee is a good trade off if having it in place allows them to make the game the quality seen in the beta.

I mean it isn't exactly cheap to continue adding such large amounts of content and while they probably could pull it off with a F2P model the quality from doing that might suffer.

But on the other hand I played FFXI for nearly 8 years so perhaps I'm not as opposed as most might be when it comes to fees.

NovusTerminus1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


I think they should offer 1 free character, and then add a premium account for more hardcore players, that way you can get some casual sales of people who will play every now and then, and the premium accounts will still be there with more characters slots and other benefits.

please ignore typo's, Vita keyboard is kinda stupid times.

Abriael1937d ago

Good. Then low-quality free to play games are for you.

Final Fantasy XIV is an AAA game that has already been announced and confirmed as pay to play, and will stay so.

otakukidd1937d ago


The problem with that is there isn't much reason for people to create more than one character than other MMOs.every character can be every class vs one class per character in other MMOs. Also yes there are exceptions where people want more than one but it is far less when comparing.

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Abriael1937d ago

I don't know, bad taste?

Lord_Sloth1937d ago

No need to be so rude! Some of us just can't afford to spare money like that from month to month on something like that. I'm just saying my thoughts on it and answering his question honestly.

You would do well to remembeer that everything you say here represents the game's community and it isn't a good image you're presenting.

Summons751937d ago

That's fine, everyone has different tastes despite the disagrees you get. I'm not a huge mmo person but I really wanna try this when its released because its final fantasy. Just like I'll give the elder scrolls mmo a shot since its the classic formula. I also don't like racing or sports games but I can see how these three genres appeal to certain people. You don't need to like it but just don't hate it because you don't like it.

TronEOL1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

That's fine. Nobody was asking you to like it in the first place.

On my side of the fence, tho, I'm absolutely loving the Beta. Most interesting and fun MMO I've ever played.

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nosferatuzodd1937d ago

Nice I think I'm going to like final fantasy again

Tony-Red-Grave1937d ago

I hate that their releasing the game with $39, or $29, and with a monthly fee. I've got too much on my plate personally but it's well worth the price, i've been playing for 4 days only taking breaks to watch anime, and reached lvl17.

Hopefully they release a F2P version with a one time payment option, which gives crysta I think it's called? Most MMOs these days are have a F2P model these days anyway.

Maybe a F2P model with no monthly sub? *I would hop on that in an instant and regrind my way back up*

Abriael1937d ago

God forbid developers dare to ask compensation for their work!

They already officially confirmed that the game isn't going free to play, so maybe you should just stop asking.

The market is full of free to play games, just play one of those. It's a great thing that there are a few pay to play alternative for those that like to play a fixed fee and have everything the game offers, with regular quality updates instead of a supermarket design philosophy made to make you buy crap on the cash shop.

Tony-Red-Grave1937d ago

Maybe you misunderstood I said and i'm quoting myself "It's well worth the price" and "personally i've got to much on my plate".

That aside this is the first time i've asked for it to be F2P so no need to sound rude just because of an attractive model that everyone's using.

SweatyFlorida1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I wouldn't mind a monthly fee if it didn't seem as steep as $12.99 a month + the $30-40 buy in. That's just ridiculous and straight up saying "We don't want your money!". That's $105 in 6 months (not expensive for seemingly 100's of hours of gameplay, however it's not gonna translate well to younger audiences or those in financial problems)

Yes I understand it's a high quality MMO, but why not charge just $12.99 a month and get rid of that seemingly pointless buy-in of $30-40? That would make it $78 for 6 months, compared to the current $105 model (for those getting Ps3/Ps4 ver.). I don't think it should be free to play, however I do think the buy-in should have been just the monthly fee of $12.99, would bring in a lot more players.

That said I plan to get it...for the PS4, hopefully all the bugs would be ironed out by then, and who knows, might actually be cheaper too.

NatureOfLogic1937d ago

The game will have to f2p sooner or later, especially on consoles. PS4 has many f2p games coming, I'm almost sure some wouldn't want to pay for PS+ and the FFXIV ARR monthly fee. FFXIV ARR going f2p is inevitable.

otakukidd1937d ago

You probably won't have to. Developers will be allowed to opt out of it. Probably most if not all MMOs will, f2p or not. Also the director has made many lengthy posts about this. There is a reason why ffxi is the most profitable final fantasy. They don't have to if they don't want to. F2P can't produce a steady of income as p2p.

TronEOL1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

You do realize even FFXI isn't f2p right? Another Square-Enix MMO that has been on PS2, Xbox360, and PC. So if your excuse of it going f2p is that it's going to be on consoles, you're horribly wrong.

And people need to understand that going F2P DOES NOT come near a P2P game. And you'll tell by FFXIV's quality. Not to mention I absolutely can't stand in-game micro-transactions.

Even though it's going to cost me a certain amount of money per month to play this game, I can deal with that knowing I'll be receiving a better game out of it. F2P games will have nothing on FFXIV. You may be able to enjoy another, F2P, game more, but the quality won't match.

VileAndVicious1937d ago

Been playing the beta for a few weeks now....and I reeeeally want to try out this arcanist class. Other than that can't wait till August.