ScreenMX Preview: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

After some "failures" performing initial Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix has today decided to extend well beyond its massive online RPG, improving the budget, the advertising campaign and many technical elements. This is how he was born to A Realm Reborn and Screen already had the opportunity to play.

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Snookies121936d ago

I had a lot of fun with the beta. Definitely going to buy it, and at least give it a go for 30 days. Really freaking pretty for an MMO. Love the dynamic lighting. I was surprised that clouds moving past the sun would actually make everything darker. Little things like that are what made me happy.

NovusTerminus1936d ago

I would so play this game, but having a monthly fee kinda kills it for me, buying it for $60 and then paying 10-15 per month is just to muc to me.

Snookies121936d ago

To be fair, it's only $29.99 on PC, and $39.99 on PS3. :]

Nevers1935d ago

Unless of course you go for the CE.. then you you're looking at $80. Which is merely an option.

dendenmooshi1935d ago

I agree. There could be better payment models. GW2 is proof of that. It's a very good game for a non subscription MMO. Even if that payment model doesn't work, I'm sure people would prefer buying at a higher price then pay monthly at a lower price than $15.

I just believe that there's a entitlement among gamers in paying for a game they already own. If that monthly subscription was lowered to say $5 a month while the initial retail price was increased, I believe that is an easier pill to swallow.

VileAndVicious1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )


Your right gw2 is a pretty good mmo, however I also think that it's proof that f2p doesnt work out so well. For example for all the talk the devs like J Peters spew about how badly they want gw2 to grow and succeed as an esport title. Gw2 is one of THE most unbalanced mmos ive ever played (ask anyone whos played any class other than thief or mesmer....hello my sad sad little necromancer) they make such small small tweaks every month. Yet over all many would agree that its just not too much fun to play PvP when your getting one hit killed by invisible theives.

And its hard not to imagine that if a p2p model were in place there might be more funding to hire more than just John Peters (and I forget the other guys name) to resolve class balancing issues amongst other things. I loved the game but simply had to stop playing a few months back because the balancing was just getting out of hand.

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NovusTerminus1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I think they need to have a different kind of pay plan though.

1 character per sever for free
8 characters per server 9.99

That way someone could play it for free, but for more advance players who want different builds they would upgrade. I am in the beta and the game is awesome, if I get the right job I am looking into getting it anyways.

Nevers1935d ago

The structure of lvl'n doesn't lend itself to this. Just like with FFxi, you can have one character be EVERY build. There are only three reasons I'd want another character so far that I can tell with the Beta:

1 - Have a different look (ie race/name/etc)
2 - Play with RL friends on multiple servers
3 - Mules... and I'm not even sure they will be needed for FFxiv because space is not limiting.

Though I'd love to play for free after the initial purchase, I think a subscription based model will ensure both quality of content and the quality of the community.

Biggest1935d ago

The constant expansions and additions to FFXI show that p2p can work when SE is involved. After the fumble that was the original FFXIV (and the changes hereafter) I believe that Realm Reborn is worth the fee.

...Also doesn't hurt that I am a Legacy member.

CLOUD19831935d ago

The game have quality but the combat system is unfortunately generic & boring the usual target-based most old MMORPGs have, after trying games like TERA, Vindictus, C9 & more & saw the magic to play an MMORPG with an action battle system I cant go back to spam 1,2,3,3,3 dead -> repeat.

When an MMORPG have action battle system u feel like having the full control of your character u can evade arrows or spells u can block hits at real time, the combat feel "real" & "engaging" that's why my most anticipated MMORPG currently is "Black Desert" this game is dreamlike the most amazing MMORG I have ever see I can't describe how much hyped I'm for this game, in case u never heard of it here 2 trailers to get a taste of greatness:

Soulscare1935d ago

You're basically asking for an action MMO... Not that there's anything wrong with that but this game is designed to be a standard MMO and a lot of people prefer it that way.

Drithe1935d ago

PLaying beta only on weekends sucks arse.

Soulscare1935d ago

Actually the weekends are over now, the next test is "up for several days" and then open beta.

Seraphemz1935d ago

Do you know when the next test is open? I was trying to play this weekend but got stuck trying to update and didnt get in...

Nevers1935d ago

I've been wondering when the weekends only bit was going away. I can never find much on the Beta forums about the future schedule.