Gears of War movie update

" got a chance to talk to Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey about the status of the proposed Gears of War video game adaptation. "We've got our script on and a director we're about to attach. We'll hopefully make that early next year for the summer of 2010," said Godfrey."

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HighDefinition4682d ago

I`m just not sure if there is enough there to make a "great" movie from. I could see it turning out alot like "Doom", which wouldn`t be cool. Games that are shooters, just don`t really have enough for a movie (maybe HalfLife). I`d would rather see movies of God OF War, Devil May Cry or Prince of Persia those kinda action/adventure games would make better movies, because they already have deep/intriguing storys to begin with.

Breakfast4681d ago

Gears has a story...they just forgot to tell it

Sayai jin4682d ago

Video game to movie adaptatiions have not had a good track record. That was until Transformers. I think producers will take more time t getting these movies right in the future, until then people we greet these movies with caution.

@Dora the Explorer, you are judging the story line on the first game. Epic definatley has more story behind the game with Gears of War II.

slapsta724682d ago

transformers was originally a video game?

RecSpec4682d ago

Transformers were toys before TV shows, or was it the other way around. And they were all metal too, not cheap plastic.

Sayai jin4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Yup, bad anology. Transformers was a 80's cartoon ( I was there when the first episode aired). It has made several reppearances in variant forms and finally made into a succcessful movie. My point remains the same, cartoons made to movies were bad until transformers, videogames to movies have not been good (comics to movies too), maybe a Gears of War movies will change the stigma.

There was a cartoon first and then the toys, yes metal mostly.

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Citizen Cook4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Gears has a very lame ass story. Its short and been done many times before. Itsa BAD game story, it'll make an even worse movie.

You want a game to make into a movie? How about something set in the Half-Life universe? Oh but of course you tried that didn't you hollywood, only Valve arn't greedy sellouts!Come up with a decen script bone heads.


tweaker4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

They would need to hire actors on roids.

TwissT4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Maybe some professional wrestlers? The Rock will probably make a good Dominique.

Phil Harrison Mklll4682d ago

Is it coming out on HD-DVD??? :-D
Or HDi??? :-D
Or Last-gen DVD format??? :-D

brothersimon4682d ago

never met anybody so retarded like you

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