Christopher Seavor Responds On Examiner Article About Microsoft Donkey Kong Mess

Christopher Seavor says it's one guy,not Microsoft as a Whole...

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Godmars2901989d ago

Really more than less of a non-story. Considering the time that's gone by.

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shivvy241989d ago

@dolores , your mum made that money when i banged her

fermcr1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

LOL... The fuss that a lot of uses made when the original news come out. Morons. *shakes head*

nukeitall1988d ago

The other story sounds more interresting especially bad news about MS on this site.

When the truth is out, it is a "non-story".

kneon1988d ago

Only an idiot would believe it was anything other than just one or two people at Microsoft who thought they owned Donkey Kong. Anyone involved in the purchase would have gone over all the assets before spending that kind of money.

Blank1989d ago

Wow there was no need to make a big deal out of this.

FlameHawk1989d ago

He twitted it, so he wasn't making a big deal out of it.

Blank1989d ago

Im definetly not talking about him, im talking about the gaming press that will ride on this.

BozoLoco1989d ago

Well, he's not wrong, but still, if you're an executive, you represent the company, so therefore Microsoft did *technically* think it owned DK. The guy is deflecting it now to dilute the amplification of his comment.

Twitter = publishing. Be careful what you say.

Microsoft has a *whole* could never say that, as it's a single entity. The nature of being an executive is to act on behalf of the organisation.

So therefore, your comments = Microsoft's comments.

The guy's backtracking.

-MD-1989d ago

He's not backtracking, he's just clarifying. Seavor hates Microsoft just as much as everyone else.

BozoLoco1989d ago

Nah, he is. Again, if it's an executive, it's Microsoft. He is suggesting an executive doesn't represent MS sentiment.

kneon1988d ago

By your logic if a Microsoft executive were found to be a cross dresser than all of Microsoft are cross dressers.

Just because he's an executive doesn't mean he knows what's going on. Just look at what happened after the Xbox One reveal. We got different answers every time anyone talked to a Microsoft executive.

Unless it's someone specifically tasked with talking to the media then they don't represent the official stance of the company.

DOOMZ1988d ago

The thing is not everyone hates MS!

TruthbeTold1989d ago

This whole thing is stupid. It was worth hearing about for a quick chuckle, but now of course it gets blown out of proportion...

No_Limit1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Yup, just like everything from the one-time online activation of xbox1 (oh, what about low income gamers? :\) to the Dead Rising 3 smartglass integration complaint, the same 20 or so diehards here make everything that MS do seems catastrophic in nature. LOL

FamilyGuy1989d ago

My thoughts exactly.
I read the first story and thought; "Ha, that's pretty funny."

Nothing else, no further explanation is necessary.
This is such a non-issue, similar to Major Nelson telling people that Conan edited the scene of his interview to make it funnier. Obviously! We don't need PR trying fix every little thing to the point where what becomes more obvious is their lack of a sense of humor.