A frank recounting of the mistakes Sony made with the PlayStation 3

In part two, GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi writes about what Mark Cerny said about the failures of the PS 3.

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Cam9771989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

They made mistakes but they've learnt their lesson.
This is a detailed forcast of the next generation:

JhawkFootball061989d ago

I hate articles like this. Hard to read for the viewer. Would have been easier if the writer introduced the mistakes ps3 made in list format.

masonroflcopter1989d ago

Hmm. ps3 was a failure? It has outsold xbox 360 and the 250 and 320 units are very good consoles. Not many problems. I think the only issue was the launch console at $599 and overheating problems. But other than that..

Firan1989d ago

PS3 had a pretty bad launch but they did great afterwards.

Prime_281989d ago

Sony lost over $5 billion from PS3 sales, that's why it was a failure.

SegaSaturn6691989d ago

Sony posts losses in all departments other than it's entertainment sector. The losses are mainly in their hardware due to samsung, apple, and LG.

orakle441989d ago

no, they did not lose 5 billion from ps3 sales.

noctis_lumia1988d ago

57.4% failure rate for the 360 thats a failure

kenshiro1001988d ago

Microsoft lost $10 billion from RROD. See, I can post inaccurate stuff too.

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Williamson1989d ago

The ps3 went through a pretty bad launch followed by years of doom from the all sorts of gaming sites. In September of 2007 they released heavenly sword, followed by R&C , uncharted.... And they just kept on pumping out exclusives which provided me with countless hours of entertainment.

DigitalRaptor1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

That presentation is one of the most humbling and insightful things I've seen in regards to this industry. To see him talk deeply about their approach to each generation and especially PS3, was strange but one that I think needed to be acknowledged. It does prove that, just like Nintendo, Sony has always been deeply focused on creating an amazing gaming console and great games to go with it.

Cerny really has been responsible for shaping the PlayStation and many of its first party games over the years. He's a lot more responsible for the PS legacy than we ever knew.

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