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GameGrin: "Journey is perhaps one of the most beautiful and memorable games I’ve ever experienced. A must-play for all PS3 owners, and this collection, providing as it does so much additional content, is highly recommended to both fans and newcomers alike."

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seepamann1934d ago

Another mega hit game by sony and playstion cheers...

RGDubz1934d ago

Another perfect review score... FAIL, especially with the game being Journey.

Reviewers are getting dumber by the day, there's no such thing as a 10/10 game, never has been never will be & as soon as you score a game as a 10/10 game your site loses all credibility.

NukaCola1934d ago

10 doesn't mean perfect. It just means that it's rated at the top of it's class.

fsfsxii1934d ago

Everybody, ignore this troll, he's been spewing BS since he joined yesterday

xHeavYx1934d ago

I think it's you RGDubz the one who is getting dumb by the day. Journey is an amazing game, not your everyday COD

Campy da Camper1934d ago

When I give a game a score in my head its on a sliding scale. There is no perfect game or totally broken game to me, rather a 10 for me means its the best game I've ever played and a 1 is the worst.

It works. As I come across games that are just mind blowingly good (to me) I tell myself and friends its a 10. Sooner or later when I find another that exceeds it it becomes a 9 and the new game a 10.

I feel reviews should be based on what you have played to date and grade according rather than break down graphics, mechanics etc. Example would be Oblivion. When I played that game I lost my mind and a lot of sick time at work. I literally threw my back out because I just played on my couch for days (and I'm old). That game was a 10 all day long for me. Then Demons Souls came out. Holy crap. Oblivion got bumped to a 9 and I had a new 10. I'm expecting the new Infamous or The Division (is that the new tom Clancy game) to take the top spot.

RGDubz1933d ago

10/10 implies perfection

Top of its class.. lol, it's being reviewed not compared.

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kB01934d ago

Yes all credibility is lost when you really think a particular game is 10/10

Especially since a review is so opinionated...

I personally thought it was a perfect game that was long enough not to leave you wanting more and short enough which didn't make you feel like you were repeating yourself.

You can beat the game in a couple of hours or fly around and enjoy the ambiance for a several hours....

Can ppl stop having their thumb up their poopers and just let ppl have their opinions?:)

Credibility for the site would've been lost upon stupidity or lousy opinion, such as "this game needs more guns"

But stating that the art and gameplay was good and was their ideal game shouldn't be shunned.

-Bubble for you, very immature post!

xPhearR3dx1934d ago

10/10 doesn't mean perfect, it means the highest of the genres caliber.

Kos-Mos1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Haha, highest of genres caliber....grow up kids....and fanboys.

devwan1934d ago

You're saying that there isn't a single game that is better than 90% perfect? Utter drivel.

If a review system has a maximum score of 100 there is plenty to work with and that fine line between great and exceptional can be conveyed. When you mark out of 10 you have to do that last part in your write up, not just a number.

Moan and whine that sites review games out of 5 and 10, but not for them giving 5/5 and 10/10 scores.

Hicken1934d ago

Even in the Olympics, people get a 10. It doesn't mean what they did was perfect, because then nobody could ever be better.

But people have gotten better.

A 10 doesn't mean that the game is perfect, and the people giving out a 10 rarely ever think so. It means it's a top-quality game, and that it's hard to get better. A 10 takes into account- or should- that every game will have SOME flaws; a game worthy of a top score surpasses the limits of its flaws in order to do so.

I wonder: were people this up in arms over 10s being given out for Halo and Forza? For Gears? I don't recall the outcry, but I don't think it was there.

RGDubz1933d ago

@ xHeavYx

Maybe to you mainstream geeks that believe "Games are Art" think it's good but a cheap indie game like Journey getting a 10/10 is hilarious, almost as bad as GTA IV getting 10/10's.. Also you couldn't pay me to play "Childrens Online Daycare" CoD

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Ewok1934d ago

I would argue that if the higest mark in a scoring system cannot be reached, then the system is flawed. What is the point of scoring out of 10 if the maximum one can acheive is a 9 or 9.5? Is the system then really marking out of 9.5?

In any event, this is the GameGrin scoring guide for our critics. It is by no means a definitive, but a guide for our writers to promote consistency. I hope this clarifies the measure of our scoring. Thanks for reading.

10 - The best of the best. At the top of it’s genre, or something completely new and brilliant.
9 - Among the best of its type. Some great and unique features.
8 - One of the best of its genre. A great example of a game. Most will like.
7 - A good game. Fans of the genre should enjoy.
6 - People who like the genre may enjoy, but nothing special and better games out there.
5 - Half the time you are having fun while playing, half the time you are not.
4 - Moments of enjoyment, must mostly poor.
3 - No fun at all to be found in this game.
2 - This game actually hurts to play.
1 - Can’t even be called a game. Broken.

NBT911934d ago

Basically, anything rated 8 or higher is definitely worth playing and anything rated lower is probably worth considering playing anyway.

SilentHeaven1091933d ago

Nice to see plenty of people defending the use of 10/10 scores.

To a reviewer, a 10/10 doesn't mean the game is "perfect" or "flawless," it just means that the flaws are insignificant in the bigger picture. If the few minor flaws don't mar an otherwise incredible experience, you've got yourself a 10, and that's how I felt about Journey.

To say we can NEVER use the highest mark is ludicrous. If 10 is forbidden then 9 becomes the highest score. Pretty soon, you can't give a 9 because "nothing is perfect," so 8 becomes the highest score. Eventually, every game gets 1/1 and reviewing is utterly pointless.