PS3 Weekly Deals - Far Cry 3 $20, Bioshock Infinite $30, Gold Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller $37

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edgarohickman1938d ago

Did anyone buy the gold controller?
Just wondering if it looks better than the black controllers.

levian1938d ago

I saw it in the store and really didn't like the look of it. I picked up a dark blue one myself, it looks great.

ala_7671938d ago

Dualshock looks best with Black Color


obviously black is the color to go with if youre looking for something that goes with the rest of your console and even your entertainment center. but if you dont mind having that one oddball gold controller next to your all black console, i say go for the gold instead of black. it looks really cool and honestly black is just too conventional! nothing like having a friend over for some multiplayer and having the king of the castle use only the finest gold controller eh?

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