Rumor: "Sly 5: Master of Thieves" coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

A poster suggests that a new Sly game is in development. Called Sly 5: Master of Thieves, it will apparently be released on both PS4 and Vita.

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TrevorPhillips1989d ago

This I am looking forward too! :O

DigitalRaptor1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Please tell me people don't ACTUALLY believe this is real?

1. It looks fake. It clearly looks fan made. Just like the recent God of War Redemption poster, it's amateur and fake. They also said that was coming to PS4 and Vita, and yep, fake.

2. The only reason it looks truly 'convincing' is that it's taken from behind a glass frame. You can't clearly see all the little details that would reveal its lack of authenticity.

3. The last game wasn't called Sly 4, it was called Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. So this wouldn't be called Sly 5.

I'm thinking of creating a Heavenly Sword 2 poster just to troll people. It just seems to be that easy.

Abash1988d ago

I NEED a Sly game on PS4. This is cruel

DigitalRaptor1988d ago

There probably will be one.

But I was just pointing out that people need to read more into these things before they go ahead believing them.

delicia1988d ago

Also, every PS4 game supposedly works on Vita, so why market it as a cross platform game?

sonic9891989d ago

i hope its true sly 1 ,2 ,3 and thieves in time were fantastic in my opinion
so more sly more happy me

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The story is too old to be commented.