Project x Zone Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"When Project X Zone was announced for release in Japan, many Western gamers were hoping that the title would be released overseas but very few of us thought it would be possible. This is thanks to the fact that it features characters from franchises belonging not only to the publisher Namco Bandai, but also from Sega and Capcom as well.

To make things even more complicated, a number of these characters have never appeared in a Western release before, leaving their Western debuts in question thanks to their licenses being up in the air. However Namco Bandai has managed to overcome all issues in their way and have brought Project X Zone to North America. Is this crossover SPRG worth the faith that fans have put into it?"

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koga881963d ago

I've been playing this since it came out on Tuesday and I really cannot get enough of it. Sadly I thought I'd know nearly every character except for the originals but there have so far been about eight of them that I have never seen before playing this title. Cannot recommend it enough.

masterabbott1963d ago

With so much cross over from so many different characters from all NAMCO, SEGA and CAPCOM this is a must buy!

PeaSFor1963d ago

i rarely buy 3ds games, but i just couldnt avoid this game, the sprite animations are awesomes

Myst1963d ago

Like you guys I would definitely say get it as well certainly a fun title and only wish that I had more time to play it :(

snipab8t1963d ago

By the looks of this thumbnail, I want to play this game.

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