Saudi Arabia wants the Xbox One the most (according to Gamespot)

You go practically anywhere on the internet and all hear is PS4 > Xbox One. With all this heat you'd think Microsoft wouldn't be able to catch a break, eh? Well, looks like one country actually wants it. According to Gamespot's nex-gen Twitter challenge, our close neighbors, Saudi Arabia, wants the Xbox One the most. In the entire planet. Bwah?!

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Gladiator71989d ago

Saudis are very nice people.. anyway..

For the people who have no idea, Most of Saudi gamers support the PlayStation brand since the days of the ps1 and Nintendo is the 2nd popular there with big gap between the two.

The Minority are Microsoft fans, What did happen is with the release of the X360, MS didn't fightback hard against Piracy like Sony.. This impacted the whole market in Saudi Arabia, the X360 become the cheap/famous option.

Saudi still wants the PS4 more than the Xbox One.

NewMonday1989d ago

"What did happen is with the release of the X360, MS didn't fightback hard against Piracy like Sony"

that's pretty much it, also the national color is green so maybe some voted out of instinct.

the PS3 and Xbox360 are viewed as machines that play games, very few are exposed to the fanboy wars and just go for the best thing.

SecondSon1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Still the country that want the Xbox One the most still wants the PS4 even more.

The thumbnail is wrong PS4 is leading by 10%

This is an accurate representation of what console countries want the most:
Blue is PS4
Green is Xbox One

dendenmooshi1988d ago

what's not being talked about is that Saudi Arabia has 11k votes while U.S. has 5k votes.

Possible that votes are being funneled to Saudi Arabia?

ape0071989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

definately true, most people here do love playstation, the playstation brand is coded in their DNA

overpriced, under priced, superior, inferior,doesn't matter, the playstation nation is so strong here

playstation, Fifa, GTA and CoD spread here like FIRE

torchic1989d ago

I noticed how popular PlayStation was in Saudi Arabia by seeing all the [KSA] clan tags CoD. I dunno how widespread it is on 360 but there are tons of Saudis on PS3

pinzir1988d ago

And pokemon...Pokemon is a burning flame..

waljaber1988d ago

he means here in SAUDI, most of the gamers in saudi like sony PS1,PS2,PS3 and for sure PS4, and who ever came with that fault vote are serving their own propose.

RashBandicoot1989d ago

That's true. Also Saudi has a dedicated Xbox Live store. Early COD (big game in the region btw) DLC maps and Forza really push sales.

But if you look at the article it shows that PS4 is still wanted more than the Xbox One. It's just currently Saudi seems to be the only country that wants the Xbox One the most.

waljaber1988d ago

someone playing with the numbers here Humm could it be M$hit??

kreate1989d ago

The entire world outside of usa/uk are sony region.

Even in the uk the popularity is quite neck to neck.

Usa is where xbox truly rule.

DJMarty1989d ago

US is not a forgone conclusion.

Xbox One is pretty much screwed worldwide.

4>1 always will be:)

clearelite1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I wouldn't say it rules here in the USA anymore though. You might be surprised to hear that the Playstation brand is extremely popular here but hasn't been marketed as much this gen.
RROD rebuys and shooter fans helped MS numbers a lot here also.

SilentNegotiator1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

But wait a minute...Ps4 STILL leads with 55%?
The story is about the smallest LOSS for Xbone in the poll?!

Welp, time to write an article with a title that makes it sound like the opposite at first glance. Gotta get those hits.

stone_cold1989d ago

all the Arabs prefer playstation than xBox

PFFT1989d ago

NOT according to this article. Saudi wants the XBO the most.

kane_13711989d ago

read the article, they want the XBO more than other countries but still the majority voted PS4 (%55)

Shad0wRunner1989d ago

"MS didn't fightback hard against Piracy like Sony"

Although Sony DID fight piracy with multiple firmware patches and SKU' wasnt enough to completely prevent piracy on the PS3, altogether. There are dozens of jailbroken PS3's in circulation all across the US alone; each one equipped with homebrew apps and media managers that not only play pirated games, but can rip them as well.

I should know....I used to have one. LOL

kane_13711989d ago

indeed, but the piracy is nothing close to the one on XBOX and PSP and Wii.

iceman061988d ago

Yeah, but it's a bit more of a hassle, more financially than technologically, to pirate on PS3. I have seen some of the said "dozens" of PS3. I actually know many, many people who pirate Xbox 360 regularly.

Shad0wRunner1988d ago

How is it more of a financial hassle? o_O

All you do is install the custom firmware, on the right model long as it's 3.55 or 3.41 firmware. Download your .pkg homebrew apps. Install your media managers. Go to any torrent site and look up PS3 games. Download the game you want. Copy it to an external HDD. OR...go to any rental store and rent the game you want. Put the disc in your jailbroken PS3, and rip it to your HDD. Then play it from your flavor of media manager.

It's not really a financial hassle. Never costed ME much money. In saved me hundreds of dollars in retail...if I had just bought the games at $60 a pop. So...I dont really see the point youre making, here.

I dont do this anymore, btw. I sold my JB PS3 a long time ago. Im just may claim to have SEEN JB models...but I have actually OWNED one and did it all myself.

I know what Im talking about. LOL

Bluemaster771988d ago

All of those lame excuses when it isnt a pro-sony article.

Jaqen_Hghar1988d ago

so...most didn't say they wanted PS4? A man still sees PS4 winning.

yeahokchief1988d ago


The sand people are falling right into the nsa's trap.

ANDD And And And we offload of a lot of annoying call of duty kids onto the xbox.

PS4 masterrace.

lilbrat231988d ago

What do you think MS will do this time around to fight Piracy?

sashimi1988d ago

Nothing, They've never been able to do much and their only hope was going all drm with always online/24hr checks and even than that wasn't 100% hackproof as they've shown all it took would be a simple patch to allow offline gaming -_-

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ape0071989d ago

hehehehe ma country, im a proud ape from KSA

Septic1989d ago

Hehe Salaam. What console are you gonna get?

ape0071989d ago

ahlan, both inshallah, ps4 first though

n4g_someone1988d ago

PS4 only here.

Eventually the VITA too.

saimcheeda1988d ago

Your neighbors :), getting PS4. Im surprised people are choosing X-One, but its personal preference!

NewMonday1988d ago


you guys are the nicest people in the Gulf

Sevir1988d ago

Salaam! ;) See you all when you take thedive in Next Gen this fall

n4g_someone1988d ago

Salam man,

It's true they wanna block Skype in the KSA along with Viber and whatnot ?

What will happen with SKYPE coming along with XBONE.

Strange man...

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Chaostar1989d ago

I noticed this the other day and was very suprised.

According to the all knowing Google God, Saudi Arabia has a population of 28.08m

Compare that to the US, which is 313.9m

That's over 1000% more people in the US and yet they got outvoted by more than double the gamers in Saudi Arabia?

Smells fishy to me, if I was Gamespot I'd be checking IPs.

NewMonday1989d ago

we are serial twitterers, and all connected to very close circles, so word spreads out fast, and the total tweets in KSA are only 10k .. so not surprising.

Chaostar1989d ago

Oh, OK I wasn't aware of that, I rescind my suspicions :)

Gladiator71989d ago

Saudi community is one of the most connected and vibrant in the world.
but this doesn't justify the result, I think Gamespot voting system is not trustable.

ala_7671989d ago

WTF srsly! Saudis are big fan of Playstation.... I barely seen a shop with Xbox games and I myself Played Ps2/3... this is really interesting

ltachiUchiha1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

This is gamespot the same guys who gave the last of us an 8. They been a crappy site ever since their best reviewers left & created Giantbomb.