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Machinima: "Plants vs. Zombies has always been a tower defense series, so when the announcement came that it was heading down the third-person shooter route, it definitely turned some heads. But it’s a move that’s been positively received, especially since Popcap cracked the first joke with their mock Battlefield teaser. If the gameplay demo is anything to go by, fans have quite a gem to look forward to."

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BattleAxe1938d ago

This game looks like alot of fun, I'll probably pick it up.

elhebbo161937d ago

I would definitely like to play but I hope its not $60 or even $40, I could definitely see EA pricing that high.

Supermax1937d ago

Actually there's a lot put into this game,it's one of the most interesting that I saw at e3.

bakagaijin781937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Wait, its a third-person shooter?? Seriously??

Darn, I was hoping for more tower defense-style play. I mean, I like shooters and all, but I also like PvZ for being a great tower defense game.

EDIT: just checked out the dev diary on youtube and it does look interesting. Its definitely a risk to take a game like this and do a completely new spin on it, but I'm loking forward to trying it out.

Veni Vidi Vici1937d ago

There's also the more traditional game in the same vein as the original called Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.

If you're looking for something like the original, get that one. I think it comes out mid-July but it's only on Apple devices. I'm pretty sure they have a timed exclusive deal. It'll eventually go to other platforms.

Supermax1937d ago

It is a tower defense type game think Xcom enemy unknown,looks very promising.